Cognitive and emotional barriers to EA's growth

This morning I gave a colloquium to my Psychology Department here at University of New Mexico. Most of the 30+ audience members had never heard of EA, although a few had a vague idea about it. I analyzed 10 cognitive and emotional barriers that people face in accepting EA approaches... Read More

Global catastrophic financial risks?

Have there been any good analyses of possible global catastrophic financial risks? I'm thinking of issues such as: 1) narrow AI traders cornering global capital markets through more efficient predictions, trades, and arbitrage, so ordinary folks are left with near-zero equity and pensions 2) blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies disrupting fiat-currency-denominated... Read More

New Effective Altruism course syllabus

I've developed a new course called 'The Psychology of Effective Altruism' (Psych450) that I'm teaching this spring term here at University of New Mexico.  The syllabus (including an extensive list of required and optional readings and videos) is here:  https://www.primalpoly.com/s/syllabus-draft-jan24d.docx   Feel free to borrow any of this material if you teach... Read More

Ideological engineering and social control: A neglected topic in AI safety research?

Will enhanced government control of populations' behaviors and ideologies become one of AI's biggest medium-term safety risks?   For example, China seems determined to gain a decisive lead in AI research research by 2030, according to the new plan released this summer by its State Council: https://www.newamerica.org/documents/1959/translation-fulltext-8.1.17.pdf One of China's... Read More