Three levels of cause prioritisation

One of the main goals of Effective Altruism is to persuade people to think more deeply about how to prioritise causes. This naturally leads us to ask, "What is meant by cause prioritisation?" and "Which aspect of cause prioritisation is most important?". (Epistemic status: Speculative, Rough framework, see In Praise of... Read More

Viewing Effective Altruism as a System

Meta-EA is most often characterised in terms of discrete units such as dollars and individuals. How many people can we recruit, how much will they donate, how many people can we train to be AI researchers? This approach carries a lot of value, particularly when we wish to craft metrics... Read More

EA should beware concessions

Updates : I've expanded the first paragraph and added in a second paragraph about Andrew and Bob to better illustrate the situation. One of our goals is to be welcoming, but our highest priority is to be impactful. We have to be willing to bear a certain amount of negative... Read More

Reasons for EA Meetups to Exist

The latest Slatestarcodex post  distinguishes between pushing and pulling goals. A pulling goal is when you start off with the goal and figure out how to achieve it (ie. end world poverty), a pushing goal is when you are given a structure and have to choose a goal that can... Read More

Population ethics: In favour of total utilitarianism over average

While it may be intuitive to reduce population ethics to a single lottery, this is incorrect; instead, it can only be reduced to n repeated lotteries, where n is the number of people... This post will argue that within the framework of hedonic utilitarianism, total utilitarianism should be preferenced over... Read More