Comment author: arikr 10 August 2018 12:51:19AM 1 point [-]

I'd like to echo a strong concern that karma based voting will lead to groupthink etc.

I'd feel substantially better if it was karma based upvotes only, and no karma based downvotes. Karma based downvotes allow community insiders to effectively kill posts.

Comment author: arikr 24 March 2018 06:57:30PM 6 points [-]

Possible suggestion (for Julia): Posting the thread a day or two in advance will allow people to submit questions early (and vote on which questions they want to see answered), so that Holden's time can be maximized by giving him more questions to answer on Monday. So that he's not waiting on Mon, ready to answer questions but with no unanswered questions available.

(This only applies if you think that otherwise there might not be enough questions posted to fully utilize the 3 hours)

Comment author: arikr 02 March 2018 06:10:34PM 1 point [-]

You note that CEA and 80K don't seem to be struggling for funds.

What makes you say that? (Not saying I don't agree, just am unsure)

Comment author: arikr 02 March 2018 06:08:49PM 4 points [-]

Thanks very much for posting this series. Thorough!