.impact is now Rethink Charity

I’m Tee Barnett – and in the last couple of months I’ve transitioned into the Executive Director role at .impact. I wanted to reintroduce myself and brief everyone on significant developments over here, including our rebranding, unification of major projects, and staff updates. You can reach me here if you’d like... Read More
Comment author: Tee 29 September 2016 06:16:12PM 0 points [-]

Thanks Peter Hurford for putting in the time and effort to make this process more transparent. I think it's a great service to the EA community at large, and of course, we're elated to be able to continue bringing effective charities to students around the world

Comment author: Tee 17 June 2016 06:27:26PM 7 points [-]

Very much appreciate the ringing endorsement, Tom. Anyone interested in discussing the project, please feel free to reach out at tee@highimpactstudents.org