Intro to caring about AI alignment as an EA cause

I recently gave a talk at Google on the problem of aligning smarter-than-human AI with operators' goals. Below is a modified transcript, in case people here are interested. I think it provides a decent introduction to "AI risk" as a cause-area worthy of attention from effective altruists. I post it... Read More

MIRI Update and Fundraising Case

Update December 22 : Our donors came together during the fundraiser to get us most of the way to our $750,000 goal. In all, 251 donors contributed $589,248 , making this our second-biggest fundraiser to date. Although we fell short of our target by $160,000, we have since made up... Read More

2015 MIRI Summer Fundraiser: How We Could Scale

Our summer fundraising drive is now finished.  We raised a grand total of $631,957 from 263 donors.  This is an incredible sum, making this the biggest fundraiser we’ve ever run. We've already been hard at work  growing our research team and spinning up new projects , and I’m excited to... Read More

I am Nate Soares, AMA!

Hello Effective Altruism Forum, I am Nate Soares , and I will be here to answer your questions tomorrow,  Thursday the 11th of June, 15:00-18:00 US Pacific time.  You can post questions here in the interim. Last week Monday, I took the reins as executive director of the Machine Intelligence... Read More

The Value of a Life

This post is cross-posted from MindingOurWay . It's about some of my reasons for being an effective altruist. It's targeted more towards people who aren't EAs or who haven't heard of effective altruism, but some people here may also find it inspiring. If you have money and want to save... Read More

On Caring

This is an essay describing some of my motivation to be an effective altruist. It is crossposted from my blog , and many people here will be familiar with the ideas. However, I hope it will be useful for newcomers and others who are curious about what it means to... Read More