AI alignment prize winners and next round [link]

From Announcement: AI alignment prize winners and next round :  We (Zvi Mowshowitz, Vladimir Slepnev and Paul Christiano) are happy to announce that the AI Alignment Prize is a success. From November 3 to December 31 we received over 40 entries representing an incredible amount of work and insight. That's... Read More

The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism MOOC [link]

Just this week, a free five-week MOOC on arms control, the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism begins. It's taught by former secretary of defense William Perry, and his first MOOC was awesome, so I'd recommend checking it out. The deadline for the first assessment (an assignment where you write a mere paragraph)... Read More

Informatica: Special Issue on Superintelligence

A special issue on Superintelligence is coming up at the journal Informatica . The call for proposals is given below. We would welcome submissions from a range of perspectives, including philosophical and other fields that effective altruists may work in. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction Since the inception of the field of artificial... Read More

Tell us how to improve the forum

  EA Forum volunteers are doing a brief survey to get a better idea about how people use the forum and what they think about it. Your response will help us decide how much effort should be invested in improving various aspects of the forum.   Fill Out the Survey... Read More

Improving long-run civilisational robustness

People trying to guard civilisation against catastrophe usually focus on one specific kind of catastrophe at a time. This can be useful for building concrete knowledge with some certainty in order for others to build on it. However, there are disadvantages to this catastrophe-specific approach: 1. Catastrophe researchers (including Anders... Read More

EA Open Thread: October

Here's a place to discuss projects, ideas, events and miscellanea relevant to the world of effective altruism that don't need a whole post of their own!

September Open Thread

Here's a place for discussing topics of interest to effective altruists but not relevant to any of the other posts.

Reducing Catastrophic Risks: A Practical Introduction

While thinking about my own next career steps, I've been writing down some of my thoughts about what's in an impactful career. In the process, I wrote an introductory report on what seem to me to be practical approaches to problems in catastrophic risks. It's intended to complement the more... Read More

Superforecasters [link]

Here are a couple of articles about Phil Tetlock and the Good Judgement Project, which is a search for Superforecasters.  Forecasting seems important for averting risks, and the discussion, which includes Kahnemann and other leading researchers, is wide-ranging, with lots of insights about clear-thinking. Office for anticipating surprise A short... Read More

The long-term significance of reducing global catastrophic risks [link]

Nick Beckstead lays down the arguments for thinking about extinction risks and non-extinction risks at the same time, with the possible exception of the case of AI, at the  GiveWell blog .

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