AI Summer Fellows Program: Applications open

CFAR and MIRI are running an 18-day  AI Summer Fellows Program  (AISFP) in the San Francisco Bay Area from June 27 to July 14. The goal of this free program is to help build up participants' ability to make headway on the  AI alignment problem : "the problem of creating AI... Read More

Anonymous EA comments

After seeing some of the debate last month about effective altruism's information-sharing / honesty / criticism norms (see Sarah Constantin's follow-up and replies from Holly Elmore ( 1 , 2 ), Rob Wiblin ( 1 ,  2 ),  Jacy Rees , Christopher Byrd ), I decided to experiment with an... Read More

Ask MIRI Anything (AMA)

Hi, all! The Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) is answering questions here tomorrow, October 12 at 10am PDT. You can post questions below in the interim. MIRI is a Berkeley-based research nonprofit that does basic research on key technical questions related to smarter-than-human artificial intelligence systems. Our research is largely aimed at developing... Read More

MIRI is seeking an Office Manager / Force Multiplier

(Cross-posted on behalf of Alex Vermeer .) The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is looking for a full-time office manager to support our growing team . It’s a big job that requires organization, initiative, technical chops, and superlative communication skills. You’ll develop, improve, and manage the processes and systems that make... Read More

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