The EA Community and Long-Term Future Funds Lack Transparency and Accountability

The Effective Altruism Funds publicly launched February 2017 . During the first year of their operation, Henry Stanley has noted multiple   times  on the Effective Altruism Forum that the EA Funds granted money and updates on the EA Funds website very infrequently. Since then, the Global Health & Development... Read More

How effective and efficient is the funding policy of Open Philanthropy concerning projects on AI risks?

This was originally posted as a  comment  on an old thread. However, I think the topic is important enough to deserve a discussion of its own. I would be very interested in hearing your opinion on this matter. I am an academic working in the field of philosophy of science,... Read More

An Exploration of Sexual Violence Reduction for Effective Altruism Potential

Sexual violence is an important human rights issue. It’s important because it poses a significant risk of suicidal behavior, because it causes a lot of suffering, and because sex offenders can drastically reduce other people’s progress toward their goals. Sexual violence receives a lot of attention, but attention is not... Read More

Peter Singer no-platformed by pro-disability protestors at Canadian university

On the topic of politics and effective altruism, I was somewhat surprised 1 to see the following pop up in my Facebook feed: What began as two conflicting defenses of free speech soon hindered discussion of any kind, as the Effective Altruists and protesters battled with the volume to deafening... Read More

Why I left EA

I don't intend to convince you to leave EA, and I don't expect you to convince me to stay. But typical insider "steel-manned" arguments against EA lack imagination about other people's perspectives: for example, they assume that the audience is utilitarian. Outsider anti-EA arguments are often mean-spirited or misrepresent EA... Read More

We Must Reassess What Makes a Charity Effective

  Let me preface this article by saying that I am an international development professional who has been living and working in West Africa for years.  I am a fan of the underlying principles of effective altruism, that we need to invest in charities that do the most good, but... Read More

A Different Take on President Trump

To advance the goal of viewpoint diversity within the EA movement, I requested that a friend of mine, "Henry", respond to  HaydnBelfield 's recent post  President Trump as a Global Catastrophic Risk .  I'm grateful that Henry wrote an extended reply.  Henry took a while on his response, and as a result,... Read More

A technical note: Bayesianism is not logic, statistics is not rationality

Perhaps I am beating a dead horse for this community, but this is a very lucid explanation of what probabilistic/statistical reasoning cannot do. Namely: first order logic. There's really no way of encoding relations or quantifiers into purely Bayesian inference, which actually makes it quite weak in terms of model building. ... Read More

Announcing "Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving" Series

We have so many great people involved in the EA movement, people who think hard and well about what cause to prioritize and who dedicate a significant portion of their money and time to advancing global flourishing in the most cost-effective manner. However, articles about EA participants typically feature the... Read More

Let's conduct a survey on the quality of MIRI's implementation

Many people here, myself included, are very concerned about the risks from rapidly improving artificial general intelligence (AGI). A significant fraction of people in that camp give to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute , or recommend others do so. Unfortunately, for those who lack the necessary technical expertise, this is... Read More

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