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This was a nice post. The tax laws changed in the US at the end of 2017 and I’m preparing a post to summarize the donation-specific changes. Found this when I was browsing past posts.

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I’m posting very late but wanted to mention that this was a blast and was great community building.

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I really like this post. Thanks for composing it!

I would like to add something about the decision to call the police if a crime occurs. This is outside the context you presented it, when confidential information is shared with you. So not a conflict but a supplement.

If you saw something and no information was shared confidentially, the decision is yours about calling the police. Even if you weren’t involved with the situation.

I’ll end the post here and defer to others about how to make that decision. Given how rare a crime is at an EA event, it’s not worth dwelling on!

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32" wide: this is the size of the smallest standard wheelchair and walker.

That seems high to me? On I see "width of the wheelchair measured to the outside of the rear wheels is 26 inches" and on I see "most modern wheelchairs are 24 inches to 27 inches wide from one wheel to the other wheel". A 32" door is still best, because getting through doors with minimal clearance is hard, but someone in a wheelchair may still be up for handling 30" or 28" doors if they know to expect that.

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And a reminder that a 30” door has 29” of entry clearance if the door is taken off the hinges (because of the stops on the frame). If the door is opened at 90 degrees, a 30” door might barely allow 27” of clearance. The challenge might draw some attention the event, so use the type of skills described here to make everybody comfortable.

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Vox is looking for EA journalists. This is an opportunity to publicize EA and help shape its public perception. Their ad hints that they want people who are already in the movement, so take a look if you have any writing or journalism related skills.

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I think this is so huge. I was going to post it but saw you got to it first.

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really appreciated this piece. Especially the parts about defining what one thinks is fun (and how much per unit cost) and mentally orienting yourself to have fun in many ways. Thx for taking the time to write this up. I’m new to this site so appreciate any karma points anyone is willing to send. Thx