Should there be an EA crowdfunding platform?

The Problem As noted in two   recent discussions, there may be many promising EA projects that are unable to secure sufficient funding. The cause seems to be that there are few funding sources for new projects: the Open Philanthropy Project focuses on larger grantees, EA Grants and EA Funds appear staff... Read More

Would an EA world with limited money fund costly treatments?

During EA Global London 2017, Emilia Wilson gave an interesting five minute talk , which I've transcribed below: I'll just start by saying that this is kind of an ethics project, but it's also about movement building. And if either of those are your interest, please do come talk to... Read More

Would it be a good idea to create a 'GiveWell' for U.S. charities?

In 2007, GiveWell was founded with the goal of "giving every donor convenient, usable access to the kind of intelligence and due diligence that is currently exclusive to large grantmakers." Under its original plan, GiveWell would evaluate charities within  seven distinct cause areas  and recommend to donors the best charities within... Read More

How much further does your dollar go overseas?

Background   Let's say you're choosing between donating to a charity that helps people living in a developed country and donating to a charity that helps people living in a developing country. Where will your donation do more good? According to GiveWell,  your dollar will go further overseas .   As far as I'm... Read More

Which five books would you recommend to an 18 year old?

During EA Global San Francisco 2017, there was a panel discussion called "Celebrating Failed Projects." At one point, Nathan Labenz, the moderator,  asks , "What are some projects that you guys are harboring in the backs of your respective minds that you'd love to see people undertake even if, and... Read More

Does Effective Altruism Lead to the Altruistic Repugnant Conclusion?

Gianfranco Pellegrino has written an interesting essay arguing that effective altruism leads to what he calls the Altruistic Repugnant Conclusion. In this post, I will provide a brief version of his argument and then note one possible response. The Argument Pellegrino beings by identifying the following as the core tenet of effective... Read More

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