Donor lottery details

On January 15 we will have the drawing for the donor lottery discussed here . The opportunity to participate has passed; this post just lays out the details and final allocation of lottery numbers. If you regret missing out, I expect there will be another round, and it would be useful... Read More

Integrity for consequentialists

(Cross-posted from the sideways view .) For most people I don't think it's important to have a really precise definition of integrity. But if you really want to go all-in on consequentialism then I think it's useful. Otherwise you risk being stuck with a flavor of consequentialism that is either short-sighted or terminally timid.... Read More

What is up with carbon dioxide and cognition? An offer

One or two research groups have published work on carbon dioxide and cognition. The state of the published literature is confusing. Here  is one paper on the topic. The authors investigate a proprietary cognitive benchmark, and experimentally manipulate carbon dioxide levels (without affecting other measures of air quality). They find... Read More

Final Round of the Impact Purchase

The impact purchase has so far distributed $5k, out of $10k planned for 2015. (If you don't know what the impact purchase is: the original announcement is here ; my post on "certificates of impact" is here ; Ben Kuhn posted a better explanation  here ; past results are here .)  We’re going... Read More

Impact purchase round 3

In round 3 of the impact purchase , $2600 of certificates were purchased from sellers (and $700 of certificates were repurchased from the impact purchase organizers). Thanks to Larks and Owen Cotton-Barratt, who also purchased certificates this round. The deadline for round 4 is June 25. If you are interested... Read More

Impact purchase: changes and round 2

The deadline for round two of the impact purchase is April 25. Apply here ! We’ve made a few changes: Timing We are now willing to purchase projects from any year. Joint projects Our guidelines on joint projects were vague and confusing. Here’s the new policy: You can sell anything... Read More

$10k of Experimental EA Funding

Over the course of 2015, we will be distributing $10,000 to completed projects which we believe will have a significant long-term  humanitarian impact. These awards are being made in exchange for certificates of impact. Here's how it works: you tell us about something good you did. We offer you some... Read More

Economic altruism

Alice and Bob have joint ownership of a pie, and they would like to split it. If they want to do anything other than split it evenly, there are two common approaches: Altruism. They talk it out, determine who likes pie more, and implement the socially optimal allocation. Economic self-interest. ... Read More

Certificates of impact

0. Introduction In this post I describe a simple institution for altruistic funding and decision-making, characterized by the creation and exchange of "certificates of impact." I’m interested in your thoughts and criticisms.  Typically an effectiveness-minded altruist would try to do as much good as possible. Instead, users of the certificates... Read More

On Progress and Prosperity

I often encounter the following argument, or a variant of it: Historically, technological, economic, and social progress have been associated with significant gains in quality of life and significant improvement in society's ability to cope with challenges. All else equal, these trends should be expected to continue, and so contributions... Read More

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