[link] 'Crucial Considerations and Wise Philanthropy', by Nick Bostrom

On July 9th, 2014, Nick Bostrom gave a talk on Crucial Considerations and Wise Philanthropy at Good Done Right, a conference on effective altruism held at All Souls College, Oxford. I found the talk so valuable that I decided to transcribe it. You can find it here .

Effective Altruism Blogs

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Meetup : .impact's 26th project meeting

Discussion article for the meetup : .impact's 26th project meeting WHEN: 28 September 2014 06:00:00PM (-0300) WHERE: North Atlantic Ocean On Sunday, 28 September at 9p UTC (5p Eastern, 2p Pacific), we'll be having a pretty brief meeting (usually ~1hr) about project updates and any new ideas people might be... Read More

[link] The Economist on "extreme altruism"

Extreme altruism: right on! , The Economist , September 20th, 2014. An excerpt: Flyers at petrol stations do not normally ask for someone to donate a kidney to an unrelated stranger. That such a poster, in a garage in Indiana, actually did persuade a donor to come forward might seem... Read More

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