What is valuable about effective altruism? Implications for community building

If we’re interested in building the best version of effective altruism, it’s natural to spend some time thinking about why people should join. Presumably people should join because it’s valuable, but how is it valuable? In fact there are a couple of different versions of the question, according to whose... Read More

A new reference site: Effective Altruism Concepts

Posted on behalf of the research team at the Centre for Effective Altruism The effective altruism community has surfaced a number of important ideas, identified existing research which is relevant to decisions, and in some cases pursued its own valuable research. Although there is a vast amount yet to learn,... Read More

Why I'm donating to MIRI this year

I’ve been thinking about my annual donation, and I’ve decided to donate to MIRI this year. I haven’t previously donated to MIRI, and my reasons for doing so now are somewhat nuanced, so I thought they were worth explaining. I have previously thought that MIRI was taking a somewhat less-than-ideal... Read More

Should effective altruism have a norm against donating to employers?

A number of people who work at effective altruist organisations also donate to their employer. We’ve had some interesting conversations recently at CEA on whether this is a good thing. We haven’t reached a consensus, but we thought the ideas were worth sharing. This is a somewhat niche topic, and... Read More

Donor coordination under simplifying assumptions

Summary of findings Owen Cotton-Barratt & Zachary Leather The problem:  There is a cooperation problem when multiple donors agree about the most-preferred charity but have different views about the second-best use for money, and there is more money available than the mutually preferred charity can productively absorb. There are challenges... Read More

Should donors make commitments about future donations?

As donors, we have choices about which charities to give to. We tend to think these choices are important. We also have choices about whether to give today or save to give in the future. If you come down on the side of giving now, one question is: should you... Read More

An update on the Global Priorities Project

The purpose of this post is to let people know a bit more about what we’ve been doing and what we hope to do. Please let us know what questions you have that we don’t answer below!  Activities The Global Priorities Project (GPP) was created in order to pursue a... Read More

Cause selection: a flowchart [link]

At the Global Priorities Project, we’re interested in helping people to choose between different focus areas for helping the world. A complication is that people can have very different background assumptions, which makes it hard to give uniform recommendations. On the other hand, discussing the assumptions directly may not help... Read More

How valuable is movement growth?

I'm pleased to be able to share How valuable is movement growth? , a new working paper produced by the Global Priorities Project as part of the Centre for Effective Altruism. Executive Summary Movement growth may be very important for young social movements. It’s obvious that movement building cannot be... Read More

[Link] Discounting for uncertainty in health

I recently prepared a book chapter on the role of discounting for uncertainty in a health context. I thought some people on the forum might be interested. Abstract: Discounting has an important role to play when choosing between different health interventions whose costs and benefits are spread over time. There... Read More

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