New releases: Global Priorities Institute research agenda and posts we’re hiring for

The Global Priorities Institute has released a new research agenda , and is now hiring researchers  and a maternity cover  to run its operations. Please consider applying, or sending this to others you know who might be interested in applying!   What is the Global Priorities Institute? The Global Priorities... Read More

Why Poverty?

This is the second in a series of posts. The first was: Giving What We Can is Cause Neutral . Given that Giving What We Can is cause neutral, why do we recommend exclusively poverty eradication charities, and focus on our website and materials on poverty? There are three main... Read More

Giving What We Can is Cause Neutral

Giving What We Can materials (including our website and presentations) typically talk about global poverty, even though as an organisation we are fundamentally cause neutral. Our recommended charities work in global health, while we have cause reports and ‘in-area’ recommendations for charities in poverty broadly construed (including, for example, climate... Read More

Review of Giving What We Can staff retreat

In Feb 2016, the Giving What We Can staff did a week long retreat, aimed predominantly at bonding us as a team and getting everyone on the same page about the aims and strategy of GWWC, following a couple of new staff joining us. This is a review of how... Read More

Giving What We Can's 6 monthly update

The following is an update on Giving What We Can's activities over the last 6 months. We do a full review and plan yearly in summer: this is our mid year update. It was initially sent to our advisory board - a brief summary of their comments is included at... Read More

Finding more effective causes

In a previous post , I described how the causes we talk most about in effective altruism seem to arise from splitting by beneficiary. Keeping that in mind can give us some insight into how easy it is likely to be for us to find more effective causes than those... Read More

Why do effective altruists support the causes we do?

Effective altruism is most associated with three causes: global poverty, alleviating animal suffering and preventing existential risks. (Sometimes ‘meta’ is added to this list, but that seems more accurately characterised as a way to work on the other causes - more on that later.) Why this focus, given that there... Read More

Giving What We Can needs your help this Christmas!

  Donate now   Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers – an international society that helps people commit to giving more, and giving more effectively. Our members donate at least 10% of their career incomes to the charities they believe will help others the most. Over... Read More

Updates from Giving What We Can

At Giving What We Can, we're all about measuring impact. So, we regularly review our progress and activities. Here are some highlights from our 12 month period between July 2014 - June 2015. We want to make sure that we're keeping members, donors, and the general public in the loop... Read More

Giving What We Can needs your support — only 5 days left to close our funding gap

Edit: Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the matching funding has now been used, and we've reached our target! With just a couple of days to go of our spring fundraiser , we are still £40,000 off our target . We really need your help to help us reach... Read More

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