Comment author: Henry_Stanley 15 July 2018 11:17:53PM 6 points [-]

I like this a lot.

Random plug: I know a lot of EAs (including myself) use goal-and-task-tracking tool Complice; you can assign an accountability partner who sees your progress (and you see theirs). You can also share a link like this that lets anyone get updates on your public goals, which could potentially be quite motivating.

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 18 July 2018 03:03:58PM 5 points [-]

There's also the EA Workspace, a virtual pomodoro coworking room on Complice. It hasn't been that active lately but maybe this new influx of people will reinvigorate it.

(I'm the creator of Complice (and also an effective altruist!) I found this EA forum post from seeing a bunch of new people sign up for Complice citing this as the source.)

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 16 May 2016 06:16:00PM 0 points [-]


  • space travel could include more details, like lowering launch costs, and stuff like what Deep Space Industries is doing with asteroid mining (in some ways making money from mining asteroids is kind of an instrumental goal for them, with the terminal goal being to get humans living in space full-time as opposed to just being on the ISS briefly)
  • preventing large-scale violence could include some component about shifting cultural zeitgeists to be more open and collaborative. This is hella hard, but would be very valuable to the extent that it can be done
  • I would add something like "collecting warning signs" under disaster prediction. For instance, what AI Impacts is doing with trying to come up with a bunch of concrete tasks that AIs currently can't beat humans at, which we could place on a timeline and use to assess the rate of AI progress. There might be a better name than "collecting warning signs" though.
Comment author: turchin 25 February 2016 08:20:49AM 1 point [-]

When I learned about x-risks in 2007 I decided to do something about it and the only thing I could do at the moment was to translate main articles by Bostrom and EY into Russian. I spent half a year doing it and it had two results. I improved my English and I learned a lot about the topic so I started to get my own ideas about it which resulted into a book in Russian. So I think it is right thing to do - directly go to your goal.

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 28 February 2016 09:51:08PM 0 points [-]

Props for doing this. I was recently reflecting that it would be great to have a bunch of the LW Sequences or other works describing AI value-alignment problems translated into Chinese. If anyone who knows Chinese sees this and it seems like their kind of thing, I'd say go for it!

Comment author: tyleralterman 26 February 2016 03:35:28AM 2 points [-]

Fascinating - this ranks as both my most downvoted and most shared post of all time.

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 28 February 2016 09:48:15PM 1 point [-]

= controversy sells.

Comment author: Ben_Todd 16 December 2015 02:35:35PM 0 points [-]

That's useful data. Almost all EAs are under 35 though, so it doesn't help if we want to pursue legacy fundraising.

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 16 December 2015 03:08:48PM 7 points [-]

Hmm... I'll gesture back at the "Effective Giving vs Effective Altruism" thing, and say that maybe while EAs qua "identify as part of EA movement and comment on the EA forum and hang out with other EAs" might be under 35, we might be able to find lots of candidate Effective Givers who are part of a totally different demographic.

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 16 December 2015 04:53:51AM 0 points [-]

I like the ideas here. I see a lot of potential value in having a core group of EAs who are focused on the movement itself and on cause prioritization, crucial considerations, etc... and then also trying to shift the mindset of the wider population of people-who-donate-to-things so that they tend to look at GiveWell's recommendations and so on... without trying to get those people to join the movement as a movement or whatever.

I will second the sentiment that this post seems super overmentiony of Intentional Insights. For a non-profit, it feels awfully self-interested. I'm not sure what I'd recommend instead exactly, but maybe if you're following the "do things + tell people" approach, shift your focus a bit more towards doing things.

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 19 August 2015 07:37:39PM 1 point [-]

"Furthermore, psychologically, earning-to-give seems to me to be a better fit for the average EA than direct work. Many EAs are already working in a company and can simply move to donate more of their salary or focus on increasing their salary, rather than quit their job and start a new one."

I want to expand what's in the second sentence here. There are a substantial number of EAs already working at a job that they like, that makes them enough money to be able to reasonably donate lots of it. But most of them are probably over 25. Which is only half of EAs—according to this survey the median age is 25.

So since probably much of 80k's audience is still choosing their career from an earlier stage, like still-in-university or fresh-out-and-unemployed or haven't-chosen-a-major-yet, it makes sense to me that 80k wouldn't emphasize earn to give for these people.

I'm also not sure the 15% funding the 85% quite holds. CFAR, for example, gets lots of donations but also gets money from people attending workshops. I don't know the details, but I'd expect object-level charities like AMF to be able to have fairly wide appeal and to therefore get a decent amount of money from people who don't identify as EAs. I'm not actually confident on that point and would welcome evidence in any direction about it.

Comment author: AnneWissemann 19 August 2015 07:02:55PM 9 points [-]

Actually, I will give an ignite talk at EA Global Oxford that is extremely relevant to this topic. This is the short pitch [edit: not so short anymore]:

Malcolm Ocean and I are working to set up a co-working space for EAs based on the format of the LW Study Hall. Just like the LWSH, which has been around for >2 years now, it will be a 24/7 web-chat with optional video streaming where people work on their own projects, probably in pomodoros and chat during the breaks.

Why does this solve your problem? If this becomes as well frequented as the LWSH (which seems plausible given the success of the LWSH which has been stably frequented while being on a buggy platform with little to no official moderation), it will create a network of more or less regular users who know each other and can refer people within the network. Over 2 years, I've personally met more than 200 people via the LWSH. Since Malcolm will host the site, he can also easily add functionalities. I've suggested adding a "project board" or similar to delegate/search for tasks, or we could connect the site to one of the existing boards. It will later also be possible to not only announce to other users of the chat what you're currently working on, but also other info, e.g. "looking for web designer". Finally, you can just meet there to co-work on EA projects remotely.

How is this different from .impact's chat rooms? (I haven't been in these chatrooms before, so I don't know how well frequented they are or what their chat experience is. These are my experiences with other rooms/the LWSH.) The video seems to be a key factor in creating the feeling of "I'm interacting with a human being". Plus, since Malcolm hosts the site, he'll do support and add more features. And you'll get a nudge to be productive while you are around. Win-win!

When will this be up? The current plan is to launch the hall within 2 weeks after EA Global (that is, by mid-September). Malcolm or I will post here again then.

Also, if you're at EA Global, do come to my ignite talk. It'll have screenshots to show what the site looks like, and you'll hear more. Or, if you miss the talk, talk to me! I'm one of the people in the blue staff shirts. :)

Comment author: MalcolmOcean 19 August 2015 07:19:42PM 2 points [-]


I'll add that since this will be hosted in the context of Complice, which is a larger app, it may not make sense for me to add too many EA-specific features to it. So short-term it'll probably look like linking to and/or pulling data from other sites like

But yeah, I do want to make a really great place for EAs to hang out online and to get to know each other while also being productive! So if there are ways for me to do that then I'm excited to work on them :)