Outcome of GWWC Outreach Experiment

Summary   I ran a 20-day pre-registered experiment where 6 different participants who have not recently talked about Giving What We Can were asked to contact their friends to talk about Giving What We Can. A total of 14 people were contacted, 6 expressed interest, and as of 2/8/2017, 0... Read More

Proposal for an Pre-registered Experiment in EA Outreach

Can talking about GWWC for 90 minutes actually get somebody to take the Pledge?   Note: I timed myself so I will not take more than 30 mins on the first draft (and hopefully less than an hour on this post overall)   Surface analysis of Giving What We Can... Read More

Tentative Summary of the Giving What We Can Pledge Event 2015/2016

All views here are my own, as a volunteer for Giving What We Can with a fairly significant influence on the pledge drive. This post does not represent the official position of Giving What We Can but is written with their permission. I suspect that this post is primarily of... Read More

The Bystander

Note: Cross-posted on Medium.com. If you like it, please consider sharing the Medium link and/or recommend it on Medium instead of sharing this link. The article has 277 Reads on Medium so far, and I've gotten very positive feedback from people not currently in EA, including one person I don't... Read More