Comment author: redmoonsoaring 10 August 2018 12:01:32PM 2 points [-]

This EA Forum post might be a really good example of how EAs interested in blogging and research can support Open Philanthropy Project. If you have any other ideas for topics like this, Lewis, sharing them could help other EAs help you in other ways.

Comment author: LewisBollard 11 August 2018 01:58:47AM 6 points [-]

I agree. I'll aim to put together a list of research Q's I'm interested in and share within the next month. Generally posts of this form - providing data and information on a neglected issue - are the most valuable, though I try to read most EA posts re animal welfare ideas.

Comment author: LewisBollard 09 August 2018 11:59:23PM 19 points [-]

Thanks for looking into this Saulius! I'd seen a few things re baitfish and it has been on my list to look more into for a while. But this will raise its priority -- and make my task easier by providing a lot of the underlying sources. I'll discuss this with some of the farm animal groups to see if they have ideas. In the meantime, let me know if you find more info.

Comment author: LewisBollard 01 September 2017 10:59:50PM *  6 points [-]

Thanks for raising this. I just want to clarify Open Phil’s policy on filling funding gaps. We look at each case and think about the pros and cons to ‘leaving space’ in a cost-benefit framework, which includes thinking about likely donor behavior in different cases. The ‘splitting’ policy applies to GiveWell top charities only; in other cases we often avoid being too high a % of someone’s budget, and are sometimes constrained by soft cause-level giving targets, but otherwise generally fill what we see as important funding gaps. It’s possible though not certain that we’ll fund GFI more - though if we do it won't be because GFI will "advocate on behalf of investments for philanthropists who also support Open Phil" — that's not a consideration I think about. I’d encourage potential donors to ask GFI what they’d do with more funds this year — I wouldn’t assume that ACE’s estimated room for more funding is still accurate.