Comment author: LewisBollard 01 September 2017 10:59:50PM *  6 points [-]

Thanks for raising this. I just want to clarify Open Phil’s policy on filling funding gaps. We look at each case and think about the pros and cons to ‘leaving space’ in a cost-benefit framework, which includes thinking about likely donor behavior in different cases. The ‘splitting’ policy applies to GiveWell top charities only; in other cases we often avoid being too high a % of someone’s budget, and are sometimes constrained by soft cause-level giving targets, but otherwise generally fill what we see as important funding gaps. It’s possible though not certain that we’ll fund GFI more - though if we do it won't be because GFI will "advocate on behalf of investments for philanthropists who also support Open Phil" — that's not a consideration I think about. I’d encourage potential donors to ask GFI what they’d do with more funds this year — I wouldn’t assume that ACE’s estimated room for more funding is still accurate.