Comment author: [deleted] 02 October 2015 09:44:21AM *  1 point [-]

The first few chapters of the French translation are up! Read here !

The rest is in the works!

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Comment author: Lee_Sharkey 31 January 2017 01:45:02PM 3 points [-]

This link is expired unfortunately. Is there anything CEA/the forum could do to collate existing translations?

Comment author: Linch 27 January 2017 12:26:05AM 0 points [-]

I wouldn't worry too much about detecting plagiarism. There isn't THAT much content in the EA space, and some member of a group of us would likely be able to recognize content that are repeats of things we've seen before.

Comment author: Lee_Sharkey 31 January 2017 12:39:12PM 4 points [-]

Indeed. And essay competitions are not like examinations; plagiarism only needs to be detected in potential winners and can be achieved by googling fragments of the essays.

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