Are men more likely to attend EA London events? Attendance data, 2016-2018.

Summary Using EA London attendance data, David Nash and I found that women* are just as likely to attend one EA event as men. However, women are less likely to return to future EA events. Women and men are about equally likely to attend most learning-focused events, like talks and... Read More

Effective Volunteering

Summary   What is “effective volunteering”? A group from EA London met biweekly from September to November 2017 to try to develop a straightforward method for someone to decide where s/he should volunteer. We thought Effective Altruists might want to volunteer for a combination of these reasons: (a) direct impact,... Read More

Changing the Government's Approach to Catastrophic Risks

Many Effective Altruists are concerned with catastrophic risks—any potential events that could harm a large portion of humanity. Although we know that these risks need different responses, we recognize that catastrophic risks have a lot in common. By considering several catastrophic risks, we can prioritize our responses based on how... Read More