Comment author: Khorton 06 September 2017 07:46:15PM 1 point [-]

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Read it in high school and found it's influenced my thinking since, especially the part about keeping promises to yourself. Persepolis - Read it when I was 18 and found it a useful fictional introduction to a culture very different from my own. Many other books could do a similar job. Getting to Yes - Changed how I think about negotiation. The Gospel of John - Changed how I think about everything. Deep Work - I read this recently, and while I don't agree with everything (I think the author overreaches occasionally), I do think it would have been useful at 18.

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I'm excited about the idea of new funds. As a prospective user, my preferences are:

  • Limited / well-organised choices. This is because I, like many people, get overwhelmed by too many choices. For example, perhaps I could choose between global poverty, animal welfare, and existential risks, and then choose between options within the category (eg "Low-Risk Global Poverty Fund" or "Food Security Research Fund").

  • Trustworthy fund managers / reasonable allocation of funds. There are many reasonable ways to vet new funds, but ultimately I'm using the service because I don't want to have to carefully vet them myself.