Comment author: Liface 29 October 2017 02:19:08AM 2 points [-]

This couldn't have come at a better time. Was just having a conversation with my roommate not two hours ago about buying the iPhone X the first day it comes out, then flying to Argentina (the most expensive country to buy iPhones in the world) and flipping it there.

My argument against it was: "There has to be some reason why this won't work, if it was that lucrative, everyone would be doing it already."

But he reminded me that: 1. Not everyone speaks fluent enough Spanish, like I do, to navigate the trenches of the Argentinian black market. 2. Not everyone cares enough, or has enough free time. to wake up at 3 AM and go wait in line at an Apple Store to buy the newest piece of technology.

Comment author: Kevin_P 29 October 2017 05:28:09AM 2 points [-]

There's something else you haven't considered: People ARE already doing it. I live in Beijing and here you can easily buy grey market Hong Kong iphones for significantly cheaper than mainland versions. Competition has driven prices down, and the part of the value captured by the smugglers is far lower than the difference between the official prices in the mainland and HK. I'd be very surprised if the same wasn't true in Argentina.