Giving What We Can Pledge thoughts

The Center for Effective Altruism commissioned me to write an essay on Giving What We Can’s pledge to give 10% of your income to the most effective charities. They did not ask that the essay have any particular contents, but I expect that I would not have agreed to write... Read More

Pitfalls in Diversity Outreach

(This is an adaptation of a post on my blog.) EA is one of several movements I have seen which have tried to address the problem of a lack of diversity, either demographic diversity (i.e. too many men, too many white people) or ideological diversity  (too many programmers, too many... Read More

Meetup : Stanford THINK

Discussion article for the meetup : Stanford THINK WHEN: 05 October 2014 04:30:00PM (-0700) WHERE: Stanford University, Old Union rm 121 Stanford's EA group meets here weekly; please stop by! Discussion article for the meetup : Stanford THINK