EA Survey: Sexual Harassment Questions - Feedback Requested

I interested Tee Barnett and Peter Hurford in adding sexual violence questions to the survey. Therefore sexual violence definitions need to be created. There are various challenges involved. Below I have listed the challenges and proposed a set of questions that I think will help work around them. (This does... Read More

Sexual Violence Risk Reduction - Let's Do Tracking!

After I published my exploration of the importance of sexual violence reduction , some expressed interest in trying sexual violence risk reduction ideas from the article. This post is to invite everyone to do tracking together. It will be much better if we track *the same things*. Then our numbers... Read More

An Exploration of Sexual Violence Reduction for Effective Altruism Potential

Sexual violence is an important human rights issue. It’s important because it poses a significant risk of suicidal behavior, because it causes a lot of suffering, and because sex offenders can drastically reduce other people’s progress toward their goals. Sexual violence receives a lot of attention, but attention is not... Read More