Changes to the EA Forum

Over the last several years, the EA Forum has been run on a volunteer-led basis. Given how much the EA community has grown, the volunteers who have been running the Forum have decided to transition primary responsibility for the  EA Forum to the Centre for Effective Altruism. In practice, this... Read More

Upcoming AMA with Luke Muehlhauser on consciousness and moral patienthood (June 28, starting 9am Pacific)

Luke Muehlhauser of the  Open Philanthropy Project  recently published a  major report  on animal consciousness and the question of "moral patienthood" — i.e. which beings merit moral concern? The purpose of the report is to inform Open Phil's grantmaking, especially in its  farm animal welfare  focus area. Luke would like... Read More

A mental health resource for EA community

A lot has been written about handling depression and anxiety, and with good reason! They are very common and can be very debilitating. But this piece addresses some less common problems: mania and psychosis. These are not as commonly understood, so people are often ill-equipped to recognize or handle them... Read More

Advisory panel at CEA

A few months ago, Will MacAskill (who is CEO at the Centre for Effective Altruism) proposed that given the problems arising in the community, some kind of body should be formed to make recommendations to the community on how to handle these problems. We looked into the possibility of forming... Read More

Practical political action on global health

The Boston Effective Altruism group is doing a lobbying project this season, starting with a guest speaker, a meetup to write letters to our Congresspeople, and later including a visit to our senator’s office. We think other EA groups should consider doing this too. This post is written with US... Read More

Clarifying the Giving What We Can pledge

CEA has gotten a lot of questions about the Giving What We Can pledge lately, and we’d like to answer them here. We've also updated our  Frequently Asked Questions page  and other parts of our website to reflect recent questions.  What is the Pledge? This is the Pledge To Give :... Read More

EAs write about where they give

Several organizations like GiveWell, ACE, and CEA do posts on where their staff are making personal donations. This is a sampling of donation decisions, and the reasons behind them, from some EAs who don’t work at any of those organizations. I’ve selected a range of people whose opinions I thought... Read More

Running an EA reading group

After five years of running the Boston EA meetup, I was reluctant to try something like a reading group because my model of them is that no one does the reading. But this fall we tried it anyway. We’ve had two meetups in the series, and so far they’ve been... Read More

Making EA groups more welcoming

This is a resource for organizers of EA groups who want to welcome great people to their groups and events, including people from groups that we're currently largely missing out on. Why work on this? There are lots of ways to make a group generally friendly, productive, and enjoyable. (See... Read More

Guidelines on depicting poverty

Guidelines on depicting poverty Context In Autumn 2015, the Giving What We Can Cambridge chapter organised an event described as a "poverty simulation.” Many found the content and presentation of the event disrespectful. We thought it was important to learn from what had happened, to start a conversation on how... Read More

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