Why we should be doing more systematic research

One of the big differences between Effective Altruism and other communities is our use of research to inform decisions. However, not all research is created equal. Systematic research can often lead to very different conclusions than more typical research approaches. Some areas of EA have been systematic in their research.... Read More

How scale is often misused as a metric and how to fix it

One of the big criteria used for cause area selection is scale and importance of the issue. This has been used by 80,000 Hours and OpenPhil amongst others. This is often defined as the size and intensity of the problem. For example, if an issue affects 100,000 people deeply, that... Read More

How to get a new cause into EA

Effective altruism has had three main direct broad causes (global poverty, animal rights, and far future), for quite some time. I have often heard people worry that it’s too hard for a new cause to be accepted by the effective altruism movement. Simultaneously, I do not really see people presenting... Read More

Charity Science Health has room for more funding

Summary Charity Science Health (CSH) currently has a room for funding gap of approximately $495,000 USD over the next 2.5 years (or $247,500 over 1 year). Filling this gap would allow us to: Run our program and directly save lives Run an RCT on our program to evaluate its effects... Read More

Talent gaps from the perspective of a talent limited organization.

Many organizations report being talent constrained and many organizations report to be working on fixing these gaps. This trend is great and one I am really excited about as the founder of a talent limited organization. However, I feel there is a bit of a disparity between the specific talent... Read More

Setting our salary based on the world’s average GDP per capita

A lot of people in the EA movement have a large say over their salary, whether it be earning to give where you can donate down to a certain amount or working for a nonprofit where you take a lower salary. EAs are a unique group in that many of... Read More

EAs are not perfect utilitarians

This post starts with an obvious claim - EAs, like all humans, are not perfect utilitarians. We are a diverse group with a broad range of motivations that include, but are not exclusively helping other people. This concept has been echoed in many previous posts on this forum. However sometimes... Read More

Charity Science Effective Legacies

Below is an article Charity Science published in Quartz to promote our recently updated Effective Legacies campaign. It’s a good introduction to the concept for friends and relatives who may be interested in bequeathing to GiveWell’s top charities.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Title: Want to maximize your legacy? Don’t leave any... Read More

Charity Science Health receives GiveWell Experimental grant and other updates

It's been awhile since we posted on the EA forum, and we have some big updates about our projects. Here is a short summary with links to more detailed explanations.   Charity Science Health Four months ago, Charity Science Health launched , aiming to use SMS reminders to increase vaccination... Read More

Effective Legacies have arrived!

Effective Legacies , our totally revamped (and free) will preparation service is now up and running for those interested in bequeathing to GiveWell’s top charities!   In October 2015, we rolled out the beta version of our Legacy campaign and demand for the product was high. In the short time... Read More

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