Comment author: Jiwoon 12 August 2017 06:38:47PM 3 points [-]

In one study, 12 of 15 smokers (i.e. 80%) quit tobacco after 2-3 does of psilocybin (i.e. biological tests showed they had not smoked in 6 months); to the best of my knowledge, this result is unheard of in addiction treatment.[34]

Although the sample size was very small (15), if psilocybin was effective for tobacco cessation, it seems it will have potential to "save" 7 million people/year.

Recently, I wrote an article on the distribution of E-cigarettes for smoking cessation, but psilocybin seems more effective than e-cigs, and possibly more cost-effective than AMF, or other GW-recommended charities.

Also, psilocybin might be a substance that may be good to start DPR campaign, as we have a very good reason (tobacco cessation) to do DPR on that substance.