How Not to Be a "White in Shining Armor"

by Holden Karnofsky, originally on the GiveWell Blog GiveWell’s current  top-rated charities  focus on proven, cost-effective health interventions. These interventions appear to solve certain problems (malaria,  parasites ) quite well, while making no direct attempt to solve other problems (economic growth, education, gender equity, and more). One of the common... Read More

"Efficiency" Measures Miss the Point

by Dan Pallotta, originally on HBR Blogs An e-mail I got from a former employee last week exemplified a dangerous public mythology: “You see, for every dollar a donor gives they have the expectation that it’s used efficiently. After all they have choices, they can give that same dollar to... Read More

Scope Insensitivity

by Eliezer Yudkowsky, originally on LessWrong Once upon a time, three groups of subjects were asked how much they would pay to save 2000 / 20000 / 200000 migrating birds from drowning in uncovered oil ponds. The groups respectively answered $80, $78, and $88 [1]. This is  scope insensitivity  or ... Read More

The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle

by Peter Singer in New Internationalist, April, 1997   To challenge my students to think about the ethics of what we owe to people in need, I ask them to imagine that their route to the university takes them past a shallow pond. One morning, I say to them, you... Read More

Introduction to Effective Altruism

So much gets written about effective altruism online that it can get hard to know where to start. So we have compiled an Effective Altruism Handbook to cover the main big ideas. If you get through these 24 minichapters, then you can consider yourself a budding expert on the philosophy... Read More
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