Awesome Effective Altruism - a curated list of EA resources

In the tech world, there's been a trend of making "awesome X" lists - essentially lists of great resources on a topic . There didn't seem to be an active one on effective altruism, so I thought I'd make one! You can find it here . I'm keen to get... Read More

Visualising animal agriculture

I made a visualisation trying to demonstrate the scale of animal agriculture (and the suffering caused by it). Unfortunately I can't embed it in a post; go have a look at it here . Interested to hear what people think of it, and whether this sort of thing is likely to be... Read More

How to improve EA Funds

[Note: I've written about EA Funds before , but I believe there's enough new here to merit a separate post – and it comes as lots of Brits are deciding where to donate before the UK tax year ends.] I think EA Funds is an awesome idea – delegate the... Read More

EA Funds hands out money very infrequently - should we be worried?

From the EA Funds website, here is the amount of money unallocated in each fund: Long-Term Future : $348,167 Global Development : $497,957 Animal Welfare : $75,109 EA Community : $206,271 Some of them haven't disbursed any funds in quite a while. I asked the CEA team about this and... Read More

Introducing EA Work Club – high-impact jobs and side projects for EAs

If you're looking to find a high-impact job, or do some high-impact volunteering, it's hard to know where to look. (There's the 80,000 Hours job board – which is great, though doesn't accept public submissions, and is skewed towards AI research openings. It also has a few listings that are... Read More