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Comment author: Henry_Stanley 30 March 2018 10:15:15AM 0 points [-]

Are you looking for more mods? I'd be happy to help out.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 31 January 2018 09:35:02PM 5 points [-]

I'll ask; will reply here when I get an answer.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 09 February 2018 12:18:43AM 5 points [-]

Can confirm that the funds are held as cash, not invested.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 01 February 2018 08:34:01PM 8 points [-]

One issue is that the longer the fund holds on to donations, the more likely it is for the donor's intention and the fund's direction to diverge.

I might donate to the Animal Welfare fund expecting the money will be handed out to vegan advocacy and clean meat charities (and trust the fund manager to pick the best ones amongst these), but if the money isn't disbursed for two years, well, maybe wild animal suffering research will be the new hotness by then, and that's where my donation will end up going.

If I just want my donation to go to the expert's choice, then that might be fine. But if I had something more specific in mind (and in line with what the fund had recently donated to), this might not be ideal.

Comment author: Arepo 01 February 2018 12:39:46AM 7 points [-]

I also feel that, perhaps not now but if they grow much more, it would be worth sharing the responsibility among more than just one person per fund. They don't have to disagree vociferously on many subjects, just provide a basic sanity check on controversial decisions (and spreading the work might speed things up if research time is a limiting factor)

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 01 February 2018 08:27:17PM 1 point [-]

I think this definitely makes sense – though I wonder to what extent the fund manager has the discretion to appoint other fund managers?

(Okay, it's a rhetorical question – they most likely have full discretion to do so – but it would be good if this was more clearly set out in the terms of the fund.)

Comment author: [deleted] 31 January 2018 05:50:49PM 6 points [-]

Is the money held invested at all?

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 31 January 2018 09:35:02PM 5 points [-]

I'll ask; will reply here when I get an answer.


EA Funds hands out money very infrequently - should we be worried?

From the EA Funds website, here is the amount of money unallocated in each fund: Long-Term Future : $348,167 Global Development : $497,957 Animal Welfare : $75,109 EA Community : $206,271 Some of them haven't disbursed any funds in quite a while. I asked the CEA team about this and... Read More
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Comment author: hollymorgan 27 October 2017 09:12:18PM *  21 points [-]

I made a list of what I call "life gems" - those rare and precious things in my life that were easily introduced and have enabled me to "level up" in the amount of positive impact I create. It's obviously not exhaustive, but I started it ~3 months ago and have been adding to it since as things occur to me.

On motivation:

  • The System 1 / System 2 framework

  • Audiobooks - I otherwise struggle to get through books (h/t Sarah Morgan?)

  • Token payments to an EA friend every time I continue a bad habit or fail to sustain a regular, good habit (h/t Niel Bowerman and Sam Hilton)

  • Planning when exactly I will work on tasks so that my current to-do list is always short, otherwise I am tempted to do the quick - and usually less important - tasks in order to shorten the list as quickly as possible (h/t Sam Hilton)

On rationality:

  • The 'regression to the mean' phenomenon (h/t Toby Ord)

On practical ethics:

  • The idea of astronomical waste (h/t Ben Hoskin and Nick Bostrom)

  • The idea that if you're not sure where your meat comes from, the harm of factory farming is so great that you should hardly ever take the chance - this is what first made me a vegetarian (h/t a conversation with Marc Crosby although it may be significant that it was still me who came up with the argument)

  • Figures comparing direct suffering caused by various animal foods (h/t Brian Tomasik)

  • The implication of the prevalence of r-selected species for wild animal suffering (h/t probably Oscar Horta, David Pearce or Brian Tomasik)

  • "A quick test of the assertion that enjoyment outweighs pain in this world, or that they are at any rate balanced, would be to compare the feelings of an animal engaged in eating another with those of the animal being eaten." (h/t Brian Tomasik and Schopenhauer)

  • Graphs comparing what we'd be prepared to pay for an extra QALY for ourselves, vs what we actually pay for ourselves, vs what the NHS would pay for others, vs what various HIV treatments/prevention methods cost, vs what deworming costs (h/t Toby Ord)

  • The idea that contributing to collective action has value because of the small chance that you tip the balance (h/t Toby Ord)

  • The idea that you should choose a cause to focus your career on before thinking about your comparative advantage, because the scale of the differences between causes dwarfs the scale of the differences in your future talents (h/t 80,000 Hours)

  • The idea that doing good now through donating and direct work at the expense of investing in yourself long-term implies a surprisingly low confidence in the altruism of your future self (h/t Robin Hanson)

  • The idea that the way you evaluate a startup is different from the way you evaluate an established organisation (h/t Rochelle Harris and CEA)

On normative ethics:

  • The realisation that deontology and virtue ethics collapse into consequentialism much more easily than one of the other ways around

On metaethics:

  • The argument that "If nihilism is true, it doesn't matter what I do, so I might as well assume it's false." (h/t DanielLC)

On teamwork:

  • The notion of having a 'blaming mindset' - giving it a bad name helps me to recognise and stop it (h/t Adam Freeman)

  • The notion that everyone is just fighting a hard battle (h/t Will Jefferson and Ian Maclaren)

On my social life:

  • The notion of permanent singlehood as a lifestyle choice

On money:

  • An awareness of the risks of developing expensive new habits / increased standards of living i.e. huge future expense for temporary boost in happiness thanks to the hedonic treadmill

On everything:

  • Committing to weekly reviews with someone else that include the question "How can we improve this process?" (h/t Niel Bowerman and Sam Hilton)

It's a good exercise. It helps you have more realistic expectations of how much future self-improvement you can expect, or how often you will be able to really help someone else improve. The content is interesting too, as indications of what efforts you and others could make to help someone else become more impactful.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 30 January 2018 03:53:58PM *  2 points [-]

Figures comparing direct suffering caused by various animal foods (h/t Brian Tomasik)

This was the thing that made me go vegetarian.

Comment author: kbog  (EA Profile) 10 December 2017 04:20:15AM *  1 point [-]

Nothing in that article suggests that the data was low quality, just that some of them might not have been traditional college students.

probably aren't representative of most college campuses.

That's irrelevant here, because the number here is being used as a representation of men in EA, not men on college campuses.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 15 December 2017 12:04:17AM 0 points [-]

Nothing in that article suggests that the data was low quality

I think the fact that Lisak literally cannot remember where his data comes from should be concerning.

That's irrelevant here, because the number here is being used as a representation of men in EA, not men on college campuses.

Good point - I'll instead say then that these numbers are likely specific to the particular population of that college and are even less likely to be useful for making inferences about the EA community as a whole. Lisak himself says of the study:

"Because of the nonrandom nature of the sampling procedures, the reported data cannot be interpreted as estimates of the prevalence of sexual or other acts of violence."

Comment author: MichaelPlant 11 December 2017 10:39:47AM 1 point [-]

Good you set this up. Is the plan to gather the postings from both the 80k board and the fbook group so that everything is on the EA work club?

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 14 December 2017 11:50:05PM *  1 point [-]


Yes, that's the idea. Have chatted to Richard at 80K; we'll see what happens in terms of "official" adoption. But with a bit of automated scraping (and manual work) I don't see why this shouldn't end up being a superset of the 80K jobs board listings and those in the Facebook group.

Comment author: DavidNash 11 December 2017 09:31:13AM 4 points [-]

I think that's how many upvotes the project has had.

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 14 December 2017 11:47:56PM 1 point [-]

Heh yes, was intended as a way for people to gauge how much interest there is in a given project. Will try and make the UI clearer. If you click the star you can upvote.

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