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Comment author: HenryStanley 28 August 2017 01:24:17AM *  0 points [-]

Best of luck! I'm skeptical of the neglectedness/tractability aspect of this – after all, there's a long history of groups trying to legalise psychedelics of various kinds – but tide seems slowly to be turning (in the US at least) [].

Comment author: ChristianKleineidam 10 August 2017 01:22:42PM -2 points [-]

In Europe the European Court of Human right ruled in 2014 that substances that are used recreationally aren't drugs and thus not forbidden under drug regulation.

As a result, there's currently 1P LSD which is legal in Germany and does roughly the same thing as LSD.

Comment author: HenryStanley 28 August 2017 01:19:38AM 1 point [-]

This doesn't sound right... Surely all recreational drugs would be legal Europe-wide in that case?

Comment author: jpaddison 16 June 2017 09:16:42PM 1 point [-]

"As English increasingly becomes the universal language.." This seems needlessly likely to give offense.

Comment author: HenryStanley 22 June 2017 05:21:04PM 0 points [-]

I disagree, and a quick Google for "english universal language" seems to suggest the phrase is in common use... What would you suggest instead?