Comment author: oge 14 May 2018 10:03:57AM 1 point [-]

I estimate it'll cost at least $1,000/yr to preserve a brain. That's about the cost of maintaining a family at global poverty levels.

I should have posted such calculations first before posting the excerpts. Thanks for your comments.

Comment author: Emanuele_Ascani 14 May 2018 04:05:02PM 1 point [-]

Interesting! How did you arrive at the $1,000/yr figure?

Comment author: Denkenberger 10 May 2018 04:17:32PM *  1 point [-]

The main reason why I am glad I waited 12 years before donating in a big way is that I switched from being global poverty focused to animal welfare and then to long term future. So now I believe what I am donating to is many orders of magnitude more cost-effective than what I would have donated to 15 years ago.

Comment author: Emanuele_Ascani 13 May 2018 10:31:26AM 0 points [-]

Good point. Have you also saved/invested in order to grow the capital you devoted to donations? I plan to do just that, coupled with strategies to avoid value drift.

Comment author: Emanuele_Ascani 13 May 2018 10:26:39AM *  2 points [-]

One thing I find really helpful to remain consistent in my values is introspection followed by writing the results down in a note, both a physical one and in a text file in my pc. I observed that this strategy really works for me, both for figuring out who I am and for making my actions consistent with it for however long periods of time. I still have 70% of the notes I wrote 5 years ago, and 100% of the most important ones that are the core of all my values.

Comment author: BenMillwood  (EA Profile) 13 May 2018 09:33:26AM 7 points [-]

There are many, many possible altruistic targets. I think to be suitable for the EA forum, a presentation of an altruistic goal should include some analysis of how it compares with existing goals, or what heuristics lead you to believe it's worthy of particular attention.

Comment author: Emanuele_Ascani 13 May 2018 10:15:24AM *  3 points [-]

I second this. Research in the area of cryonics could be an effective intervention, but proposing it in this way achieves nothing, since it doesn't do the actual work of assessing its impact per dollar. It doesn't even try.