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Helllow, I have hold on to a medical licensing principle I have deloped, what is for chemical medications to I believe take many years to get Researched&licensed I think the ussual 10 years procedure we are told about, is to my knowledge for ideal Humanitarian inventions submissions are clear and sure and curing and no downfalls and simple to understand other affects not found and proven to not badly affect life involved in intake, are ussually the brake thru's what early on world knowledge stage come across as perfect and ideal, while the fact We go thru procedures of 10 years etc is to be tested by licensing authorities for any new submitting ranging between daubtful bloody amateurism in this often not so ideal or totally missing the quests covering scaling and Our Humanitarian often submitting for license with more often bio/medically ideal perfectly cured care free guinea pigs so to speak, well, slow licensing we took for granted for what to me seem all practical details like a cue of to do's to test as licensing authorities can be reduced to just take 6months instead of 10 years to get or not get licensed as moralizing, this 6 months is just my wishful thinking estimation by the new norm licensing authorities is a underpaid list of practical details what only take time by lack of capitalistically the licensing test precedures institutional activities to be much more multiple tasking and much more simultaneously intensively testing&concluding etc enrolling testing&licencing&moralizing. For this I apply my 'Charity Companies' vision is for Charity needing Humanitarian fieldworks parts each specifically be created a good pro life reasonable business capital donor specifically connected to a specific Humanitarian cause(s) it gives its benefit goes to itheir cause(s) (and when needing money for innovation to deliver durable fundraising donorship, it gets it by its charity fund, and any authentic inventors/starters involved in any Charity Company to get a royalty.) So funding is my Hum. world optioned enough but I forsee normally only practicality of ideal expert theoretic reasoning of fieldworks responses in R&D to do their job at best and enough and stable and most serene, outcomes theories to level with ideal as possible needs, problems, troubles vanishing for cheer outworking of possible imaginable morale good news potentials. Ideally making sense and logic as gracefully as possible covering interventions/fieldworks making theoretic/practical&cybernetic sense delivering optimal our fields reasoned at best to perfection with to stand for stable ideal fieldwork intervention conditions/factors, Fundraising to really able chemical bio pharma submissions to empower limitles the licensing testing authorities possible practical details enrolements, and our ideal elixir brake thru's be in rich not efficient(cheapest) course to proof ideal enough to cure&solve&provide&securely protect outworking perfect moralizing cause to have Leads and Quests to solve Humanitarian problems, troubles, with covering brilliant theoretic/practical opportunities I ussually deliver reasons for ideal solvations optimism.

I am experienced to have an accumulated quantively logic Humanintarian approach conclusions, I hold much brake thru ideal new fieldwork approaches and go on solo for paper pushing untill viral content longer, applying Humanitarian sense I started working by and progressing in associated ultimate ideal brake thru conclusions &specifically deliver Humanitarian logics achieving to result to suggest gracefully universally inspired useful worldlyness Paradise On Earth Anywhere anywhat and anyone involved as matters in control, as well as possible with not many bad's to give bad news either but life work standards upgrading good news.

limitless funding options for undertaking super nice fun-dfraising business, in further non disruptively diplomatic neweries to be more brilliant than easy integration in the free marked etc care free, is for ideal Humanitarian inventions to share precise and or free development production rights to all good companies interested in adapting the brake thru's in and as their market niches for a price or small marcheant deal, this helps in theory to ussually make Humanitian brake thru's great change inventions to simply the new to reach change/fieldwork factors to the fullest in easy ways, I like less self centred state of the art licenses fieldwork responsibilities, to rather use the free market of good interested companies and in great fundraising neweries business able to integrate the interest of the equally leveling and benefitting competitions.

PS1: I developed my reasoning to be very fond of centralized decisional theoretic thinking/concluding/leveling dynamic full theoretic/practical logic for fieldworks ambitions etc quests or up, to be good well at best enough ideal as logically experted, all for may possible and ambitionate fieldworks up to define to not fail basic logics and making complete and by all means of reach/importance for fields to have one centralizing basic and practical theoretic prix mordal basics and by all means of leveling fieldworks practical visions in development with practical Humanitarian diplomatic/securing powers and lets fieldworks level with full factors gracefulness practices required to make especially sense enough from bloody amateurisms I cast most fieldworks as, into unworrying Humanitarian public interests high sakes in often simply outside of intervention ambitions passions their quiete lack to level with possible ideal plan and practicalities of factors Humanely required from any chances&musts our Humanitarian worlds should reason to deliver flawless excellence with to be honnest no room for error nor lesser than best options chosen for, in the first place. And I neither gotten to trust much out of logic universally inspired worldly expertises and simple basic approach sense scaled for ASAP at best to perfection interventions as possible and cybernetically experted delivered to enrole. I only like our ussually perfect Humanintarian chances to not only make complete impacts but also in "common sense"' and after all not ruled nor negatively recruited organisations pirating responsibilities or means etc, rather I advocate for strictly Humanitarians unconditionally professional goodness and in no way for instance like most would be unreachable for upbuilding wisdom/bettering&chances etc to not get even replied etc.

Graceful Humanitarian sense is not a skill common organising ambitions fieldworks are even statistically able to tap into especially all factors based considering and concluding Humanitarianly decisional sense of giving a damn and meaning it to see what's at.

Good day and thank you for knowing this fraction of my greater Legacy of delivering this world Humanitarian Cultural relief and chances.what more almighty 1st world 3th world and 4th world covering solutions of me.

Good luck was on me, dear fellow(s).


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I am searching how to get attention to my 196p.A4 Dynamic Magnum Opus Multiple 'Humanitarian' Theoretic Solutions, Leads and Quests I compiled and are extremely important for the world to get familiar with the 2005/2018 text's many brake thru's. I'll of course keep searching a bit what others are writting and asking and delivering, but to be honnest I need mine to be made a EA group for, can I do this without karma points? And how to exactly earn Karma points? Thank you in advance for any time to provide me the facts, I am new and a bit confused by the interface and Karma points minimal requirements etc. I just want a theoretic chance to show how in theory I resolved the world part 1 solo.

DirK GieLeN