Fisher & Syed on Tradable Obligations to Enhance Health

Prefatory Note The purpose of this post is to inform readers of a global health policy proposal that I suspect many will find exciting. Since the original text is freely available, I only briefly describe it here so readers can quickly ascertain whether it interests them. Fisher & Syed on... Read More

Harvard EA's 2018–19 Vision

A Vision for Harvard EA, 2018–19 Cullen O’Keefe, President Google Doc Version  (easier-to-read with footnotes) Preface This document will hopefully provide a short, comprehensible, and concrete model for how I would like to run the Harvard University Effective Altruism Student Group (“HUEASG”)  this year.[1] I’m sharing it here so that... Read More

Governmental CBA as an EA Career Step: A Shallow Investigation

Summary This post argues that EAs should consider performing and improving governmental cost-benefit analysis (“CBA”) as a career path or step. I identify at least four reasons why this is a good idea: Working in CBA has direct positive impact on the allocation of government resources Analysts might be able... Read More