Best way to invest with leverage?

Altruists who don't care too much about risk (and young people   in general ) should plausibly use leveraged investing. What's the best way to get leverage? Margin borrowing seems like the default solution. I might try it if there's nothing better. Theoretically options could be used, but I'm unsure... Read More

Can we set up a system for international donation trading?

In the future I'll probably want to donate to a UK charity ( Humane Slaughter Association ). Some people in the UK probably want to donate to a US charity like GiveWell or MIRI. Rather than both donating to foreign charities, we should trade donations so that we can both... Read More

Counterfactual credit assignment

Introduction Effective altruists tend to assign credit based on counterfactuals: If I do X, how much better will the world be than if I didn't do X? This is the intuition behind the idea that the work you do in your job is at least somewhat replaceable , as well... Read More