Why I prioritize moral circle expansion over artificial intelligence alignment

Why I prioritize moral circle expansion over artificial intelligence alignment This blog post is written for a very specific audience: people involved in the effective altruism community who are familiar with cause prioritization and arguments for the overwhelming importance of the far future. It might read as strange and confusing... Read More

“Just take the expected value” – a possible reply to concerns about cluelessness

This is the second in a series of posts exploring consequentialist cluelessness and its implications for effective altruism: The first post describes cluelessness & its relevance to EA; arguing that for many popular EA interventions we don’t have a clue about the intervention’s overall net impact. This post considers a... Read More

Where can I donate to support insect welfare?

As the title says.   This feels undervalued to me and I'd like to donate to support it.   Do you know of any good charities/non-profits/etc to donate for insect welfare?

Effective Altruism Foundation update: Plans for 2018 and room for more funding

This post provides an overview of the Effective Altruism Foundation’s plans for the coming year. A version of this update was also published on our blog . The Effective Altruism Foundation is a Berlin-based EA meta-charity that fundraises for EA charities, builds the German-speaking EA community, and does research on... Read More

Four Organizations EAs Should Fully Fund for 2018

As an EA, I’ve tried to make my mark by earning to give and doing enough direct work to understand the organizations I’m giving to and find outstanding giving opportunities that are neglected by others. Based on my thinking, I’m going to be donating to Charity Science Health , Rethink... Read More

Wild-Animal Suffering Research’s Plans for 2018 and RFMF

Cross-posted on behalf of Persis Eskander of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research team.   -- Summary Wild animals suffer on an immense scale, we don’t yet have solutions to this suffering and very few people are concerned. The Wild-Animal Suffering Research (WASR) project’s mission is to find a path to reduce... Read More

Would any EA chapters like help running an AdWords grants account?

This post is primarily addressed to people working for EA chapters in the UK and internationally. Please read on if you are interested in either setting up a Google Grants AdWords Account, or if you want support with one you have already set up.   Pro Bono Work I work... Read More

Wild-Animal Suffering Research 2017 Retrospective

Cross-posted on behalf of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research team.   --   Note: This post is an update on the progress of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research project. If you’re not familiar with this project, you can read our launch post and mission . Background Wild-Animal Suffering Research (WASR) launched as... Read More

Some considerations for different ways to reduce x-risk

I believe the far future is a very important consideration in doing the most good, but I don’t focus on reducing extinction risks like unfriendly artificial intelligence . This post introduces and outlines some of the key considerations that went into that decision, and leaves discussion of the best answers... Read More

Looking for People Interested in Exploring Plant-Based Startups

I'm considering founding a plant-based meat startup and would love to be connected to anyone who is interested in further researching this with me (bio at the end). I’m currently researching this option primarily with Daniel Gastfriend and Joan Gass, two grad students at Harvard and Stanford who are also... Read More

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