Deliberate Performance in People Management

Deliberate Performance in People Management   Summary: Managerial skills are consistently listed as one of the biggest talent gaps in effective altruism, including in this years' survey . This article summarizes some techniques to more rapidly increase people management skills, using the Deliberate Performance framework.   A few months ago,... Read More

An Argument for Why the Future May Be Good

In late 2014, I ate  lunch with an EA who prefers to remain anonymous. I had originally been of the opinion that, should humans survive, the future is likely to be bad. He convinced me to change my mind about this. I haven’t seen this argument written up anywhere and... Read More

Vote Pairing is a Cost-Effective Political Intervention

Summary Vote pairing is a practice whereby individuals agree to swap votes. Wikipedia summarizes it as: In United States presidential elections, vote pairing usually comes in the form of voters from "safe" states, or non-swing states, voting for third-party candidates, and voters from swing states voting for their second-preference candidate. This form of vote pairing... Read More

Living on minimum wage to maximize donations: Ben's expenses in 2016

Several people have written up their expenditures and savings results. Here is my summary. I try to donate the money I make above minimum wage. Since I average about 60 hours per week of work, I have a concrete goal of spending less than $22,620 per year ($7.25 x 52... Read More

Voter Registration As an EA Group Meetup Activity

  Most adult US citizens have the right to vote, but voter participation is nowhere near 100%. One cause of low voter turnout is the difficulties involved in registering to vote. These problems can particularly affect people of lower socioeconomic status. Voter registration as a group EA activity has the... Read More

You are a Lottery Ticket

(This is posted on the EA forum since a lot of altruists believe that entrepreneurship may be   one of the most effective ways of earning to give .) One of society’s classic mistakes is a belief that people’s success is due to their hard work and determination, when it’s... Read More

Earning to Give: Programming Language Choice

Several people have asked me recently about what language they should learn first. This article is intended to be a single point of reference for all those conversations, as well as sparking input from other people who know about the subject. My answer is usually: Salary differences between languages are... Read More

Problems and Solutions in Infinite Ethics

Summary: The universe may very well be infinite, and hence contain an infinite amount of happiness and sadness. This causes several problems for altruists; for example: we can plausibly only affect a finite subset of the universe, and an infinite quantity of happiness is unchanged by the addition or subtraction... Read More

Meetup : Madison, Wisconsin

Discussion article for the meetup : Madison, Wisconsin WHEN: 02 November 2014 10:30:00AM (-0500) WHERE: 30 W Mifflin St, 6th Floor, Madison, Wisconsin 53703 How much of our resources should be given to improve the world? Of all the ways to make a difference, what will have the greatest impact?... Read More