Where I gave and why in 2016

People seem to find donation decision write-ups interesting, so here's mine! Cross-posted from my blog . I’ve decided where (and how much) to donate for 2016! The punchline: I’m donating $20,000 to a donor-advised fund run by Nick Beckstead, $5,000 to GiveWell for discretionary re-granting, and $1,000 to GiveDirectly. Here’s... Read More

[link] GiveWell's 2015 recommendations are out!

You can find the new recommendations at the usual Top Charities page . They also have a blog post going in more depth on the updates. (I confess I'm a bit surprised no one else has linked this yet... Sorry if I'm stepping on someone's toes!)

Solving donation coordination problems

In a comment on GWWC's recent fundraising appeal , I asked whether prospective donors were holding off on donating until the end of the fundraiser, out of the worry that it would hit its goal early and thus their donation would not have any counterfactual impact. About 50% of people... Read More

How important is marginal earning to give?

Some observations: Most of GiveWell’s senior staff are moving over to the Open Philanthropy Project. This year, GiveWell had to set explicit funding targets for all of their charities and update their recommendations in April to make sure nobody ran out of room for more funding. My understanding is that... Read More

Explaining impact purchases

This post originally appeared on benkuhn.net . Some readers remarked that it helped them understand impact purchases better, so I'm cross-posting it here. I'm excited to report that 50% of the impact of my donation matching literature review has just been purchased in the first round of Paul Christiano and... Read More

Tech job Q&A

There's been some discussion in the Facebook group  where a bunch of people wanted various info about jobs in the tech industry. A lot of people expressed interest in asking questions and a lot of people expressed interest in answering them, so I thought maybe the forum would be a... Read More

Results from a survey of people's views on donation matching

Since a lot of people lately have been discussing donation matching and the various issues about counterfactuals that surround it, I ran a survey a couple weeks ago to answer various of my questions about donation matching. You can read the full post here . I'm not going to cross-post... Read More

[cross-post] Does donation matching work?

In the effective altruism community, donation matches are becoming very popular . Some matchers have gone as far as tripling or even quadrupling each dollar donated, not just doubling. But I started to wonder if the matching multiple—or even matching at all—has any impact on the money you raise. So... Read More

Where are you giving and why?

Last year a bunch of people made blog posts outlining where they were planning to donate that year and why. This year, we have a better medium: the EA forum! If anyone else is interested in discussing their giving plans and reasons--either completed or in-progress--post them below. I'd love to... Read More

Spitballing EA career ideas

Cross-posted from my blog . I'd love to hear your thoughts or additional brainstorming of interesting careers! The standard way of thinking about using one’s career for effective altruism focuses a lot on narrowing down what fields you’re interested in. For instance, 80,000 Hours has a list of just four... Read More

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