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ridiculously ineffective altruism for x-risk.

Why "for x-risk" in particular?

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Not necessarily, but it's a risk management issue, so it seems like a good fit. Could be equally useful for other EA causes, though. I'll look at it after I'm done with my finals in a week or so.


Interview with Nir Eyal on Population-Level Bioethics and Non-Utilitarian Effective Altruism

This interview was done by Melody Guan and Yifan Wu from Harvard College Effective Altruism . It was originally posted on our blog, and I thought it was worth cross-posting on this forum. Nir Eyal is Associate Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine in the Center for Bioethics at... Read More
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Comment author: Ales_Flidr 07 December 2014 04:05:56AM 1 point [-]

Just stumbled upon this in Baron's Thinking and Deciding:

"For example, Breyer (1993) argues that the removal of asbestos from school buildings might, if it were done throughout the United States, would cost about $100,000,000,000 and save about 400 lives over a period of 40 years. This comes to $250,000,000 per life saved. (And it might not save any lives at all in total, because it endangers the workers who do the removal.)" - BARON, J. Thinking and Deciding, p.502. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Does anyone know more about the actual implementation/figures? If it was anywhere close to truth, it could serve as PlayPumps-style example of ridiculously ineffective altruism for x-risk.

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I think this is a great idea! I myself am a huge fan of podcasts, as I have relatively large amounts of ear time. My impression is that it might be true for a lot of EAs and, more importantly, the non-EA target audience.

I was considering a podcast as a potential project for Harvard EA, but haven't found anyone suitable and don't think I would be a good fit.

As for GiveWell's conversations page, I wouldn't think of it as a substitute. The interviews are great, but I rarely find time to read them.

I second EconTalk as a good model. I would also recommend In Our Time (slightly different, multiple guests, but worth checking out). I also think the two rationalist podcasts - Rationally Speaking and Lukeprog's "Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot" do a pretty good job and might be closer to a realistically attainable level in the short term.

Good luck!

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Comment author: Ales_Flidr 01 December 2014 10:29:32PM *  3 points [-]

Technical question: can Harvard EA cross-post articles from our website? We mostly do interviews with people in academia, examples here:

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 22 October 2014 01:13:45AM 6 points [-]

Hi Geuss, thanks for sharing this, we (Harvard EA) will try to find out more about it.

Comment author: Owen_Cotton-Barratt 17 October 2014 11:48:31AM 4 points [-]

"Effectiveness-minded altruist" has the right meaning, but it's not very pithy.

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 19 October 2014 09:56:35PM 4 points [-]

"Do-bester" might have the inverse problem.

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Welcome, Ales. You had a pretty hot speaker list in recent times. Shulman, Ord, Critch, Bostrom, Kremer, Vivalt, Greene, Tegmark, Hassenfeld, !!!

Good to have you around the forum.

What's news in FLI?

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 13 October 2014 07:50:48PM 2 points [-]

Thanks! We've been quite successful/lucky getting speakers. We're going to have another talk by Elie tonight. Later in the semester, we'll have George Church and Steven Pinker.

As for FLI, the main thing now is x-risk publicity (ie articles, editing wikipedia to replace sci-fi with science, etc.), project prioritization, conferences and panel discussions for academics and people working in AI. All of those are going really well, much faster than expected.

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 13 October 2014 07:46:26PM 11 points [-]

Sorry for the double-post, figured it would be better to sign up with my real name

Hi, I'm Ales, a second-year student at Harvard College and a prospective economics major interested in too many things.

I'm currently one of the co-presidents of Harvard College Effective Altruism [1], in which position I succeeded Ben Kuhn. We are currently working on making HCEA an established organization and it seems like we're getting near the critical mass of dedicated people to work on some really great projects. We're also helping to found a group at MIT and Tufts, and our organizers volunteer for the Future of Life Institute.



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