Heuristics from Running Harvard and Oxford EA Groups

Heuristics from Running Harvard and Oxford EA Groups   This post is co-authored by Aleš Flídr and James Aung. We thank Harri Besceli for helpful comments. Our friend Tobias also wrote an excellent post with a lot of overlap that we highly recommend checking out.   In our experience leading... Read More
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Comment author: zdgroff 11 September 2017 06:48:54PM 2 points [-]

Nice interview subjects! Very impressive. I'd be curious to hear what made you decide to make an ideological Turing test part of every episode. It's clearly very in line with EA ideals, but why that exercise in particular?

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Comment author: Ales_Flidr 15 September 2017 04:55:22PM 2 points [-]

Thanks :) The idea behind the Ideological Turing Test is (a) to put epistemic rationality into the spotlight (b) to see how good a model the guests have of the debate and how well they considered the other side, which should help you think about how seriously you should take their claims (c) we think it's kind of fun :)

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Comment author: Vincent-Soderberg 14 September 2017 09:38:51AM 2 points [-]

Great podcast! A question.

1: is it possible to have an episode on the science of movement building? Not that i know much of it.

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 15 September 2017 04:50:45PM 1 point [-]

Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a fun topic, will definitely think of potential guests when we get back to recording.


The Turing Test

I'm happy to announce that the first episodes of Harvard Effective Altruism's podcast, the Turing Test , are already online. The first four episodes feature Larry Summers on his career, economics and EA Irene Pepperberg on animal cognition and ethics Josh Greene on moral cognition and EA Adam Marblestone on... Read More
Comment author: Ben_Kuhn 27 March 2015 02:42:43AM 0 points [-]

Has it been done at all? I guess the EA Summit shirts kind of count, but not really.

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 27 March 2015 08:09:53PM 0 points [-]

Thanks for the suggestions, Ben! We will look into them at our next org meeting tomorrow.

As for the T-shirts, we found someone who is willing to donate, but obviously the lower the costs, the better. And we are still looking for suggestions from EA about the design, so if anyone has ideas, please let us know!

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Comment author: Tom_Ash  (EA Profile) 26 March 2015 10:32:15PM 2 points [-]

we would appreciate if someone who is already planning to give to an effective charity is willing to do so nominally for the purpose of this talk, so that we have a safety cushion in case fundraising doesn’t go well.

We (Charity Science) have a list of people happy to make seed donations of this sort, and could easily handle 10k. Just let me know if you need to take it up.

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Comment author: Ales_Flidr 27 March 2015 08:05:18PM 0 points [-]

Thank you, Tom! I will let you know in a few days what things look like and whether it is likely that we will need your backup.

Comment author: Ben_Kuhn 27 March 2015 02:45:54AM 0 points [-]

I did the fundraising last year. We split the cost of his visit between ourselves and a bioethics organization, and he gave two talks, one for each org. For our own cosponsorship we also got a bunch of academic departments to pitch in and stuff. For that I had a lot more lead time, so didn't have to worry about arranging a backstop.

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 27 March 2015 08:04:20PM 0 points [-]

Right, the main problem is that we finalized the date after most departments and funds finalized their budget, so we only managed to raise ~1k.


EA Week at Harvard

Hi EAs,   Harvard College EA is going to organize an "EA week"  from April 12 to 17. Currently, we are planning on doing the following events: Peter Singer talk promoting his new book on EA, hopefully with free EA-style t-shirts to for attendees. Daron Acemoglu talk on institutions and... Read More
Comment author: Ales_Flidr 18 March 2015 12:17:30PM 1 point [-]

Thanks so much Evan, Harvard EA will greatly appreciate that. I've been planning on doing something like that for our semi-involved members but never got around to actually doing that.

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Comment author: Ales_Flidr 03 March 2015 09:43:39PM 7 points [-]

Hey Seth,

Are you coordinating with FLI and FHI to have some division of labor? What would you identify GCRI's main comparative advantage?

Best, Ales

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