List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 2 months, summary of which were most popular, and plans for future releases.

Here's are all the content releases from 80,000 Hours since our last update  here 2 months ago: How exactly clean meat is created & the advances needed to get it into every supermarket, according to food scientist Marie Gibbons The careers and policies that can prevent global catastrophic biological risks, according to... Read More

Compilation of 32 new(ish) 80,000 Hours research pieces for the effective altruist community

Here is a list of new 80,000 Hours content since we wrote our previous update  for this forum last September, in chronological order. Note that a lot of our new ideas now come out through  our podcast  - you can subscribe by searching for 80,000 Hours  in any podcasting app. Another way to stay up... Read More

Interview with Prof Tetlock on epistemic modesty, predicting catastrophic risks, AI, and more

80,000 Hours did an interview with Professor Tetlock, one of the world's top experts on how to have accurate beliefs about the future. We asked him about a bunch of questions of interest to the community here: Should people who want to be right just adopt the views of experts rather than... Read More

Survey of leaders in the EA community on a range of important topics, like what skills they need and what causes are most effective

80,000 Hours just released an analysis of a survey we conducted at the EA Leaders Forum in August 2017. It is likely to be of significant interest to people here: What are the most important talent gaps in the effective altruism community, and other survey questions To keep all the comments... Read More

80,000 Hours' 20 most enduringly popular pieces of research

I recently wanted to see what content we’ve written in the past are still popular with readers. Our most visited pages are articles in  our career guide , or tools like our  career quiz ,  problem quiz  and  career decision tool , around which the site is designed. And of... Read More

Ten new 80,000 Hours articles made for the effective altruist community

We've produced a lot of content tailored for people heavily involved in the effective altruist community as it's our key target audience. Here's a recent list: Why the long-term future of humanity matters more than anything else, and what we should do about it, according to Oxford philosopher Dr Toby Ord The life of... Read More

80,000 Hours articles aimed at the EA community

We've recently produced a few significant pieces that we expect to be of interest to people who are quite involved in the effective altruism community: Career review of Working at effective altruist organisations Guide to working in AI policy and strategy The 80,000 Hours podcast . First episode: ' The world... Read More

Changes to how 80,000 Hours prioritises the world's problems

80,000 Hours recently rewrote its approach for comparing problems against one another. This is how we give people advice on which problems are most 'pressing', and so are most promising for people aiming to have a large social impact with their career. We recommend checking it out. This framework is... Read More