Links from This week

Oxford Prioritisation Project Review

By Jacob Lagerros and Tom Sittler. Cross- posted to Tom's website.  Short summary The Oxford Prioritisation Project was a research group between January and May 2017. The team conducted research to allocate £10,000 in the most impactful way, and published all our work on our blog . Tom Sittler was... Read More

Anti-tribalism and positive mental health as high-value cause areas

(cross-posted from my blog ) I think that tribalism is one of the biggest problems with humanity today, and that even small reductions of it could cause a massive boost to well-being. By tribalism, I basically mean the phenomenon where arguments and actions are primarily evaluated based on who makes... Read More

New study finds psilocybin leads to increased altruism 6 months later

Cross-posted to the Enthea site. Griffiths et al. 2017  was published recently; it had some impressive findings. The study looked at psilocybin administration alongside a regimen of nonsecular spiritual practices (meditation, introspective journaling). The study compared a group who received a very low (placebo-level) dose of psilocybin & "standard" support from spiritual practice guides... Read More

Rob Wiblin's top EconTalk episode recommendations

Over the last ten years I’ve listened to a ludicrous 600 hours of EconTalk episodes. It’s an incredible podcast, maybe the best ever in my view. Don’t have 600 hours to catch up on the back catalogue? Fair enough. I love the show, but not every episode is a winner.... Read More