Links from This week

Building Cooperative Epistemology (Response to "EA has a Lying Problem", among other things)

This is in response to Sarah Constantin's recent post about intellectual dishonesty within the EA community. I roughly agree with Sarah's main object level points, but I think this essay doesn't sufficiently embody the spirit of cooperative discourse it's trying to promote. I have a lot of thoughts here, but they... Read More

A review of what affective neuroscience knows about suffering & valence. (TLDR: Affective Neuroscience is very confused about what suffering is.)

Part 1 A significant fraction of the EA movement is concerned with suffering, and all else being equal, think there should be less of it. I think this is an extraordinarily noble goal.  But what *is* suffering? There are roughly as many working definitions of suffering in the EA movement... Read More

Why I donated to the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative

This post has two parts: Part 1 outlines a type of donation that I think donors aiming for high expected impact should consider making: one-off donations to young organisations with highly uncertain futures. Part 2 is a case study that falls into this category, with my reasons for donating $3,000... Read More