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Better models for EA development: a network of communities, not a global community

[EDIT: I recommend to first read this comment which clarifies the raison d'être of this post. The post should make more sense afterwards.] Intro Whenever this post mentions ‘we’, it refers to EA Geneva. This article aims to contribute to developing a better understanding of ‘community building’. It is the... Read More

Additional plans for the new EA Forum

CEA is making more concrete plans for the opening of the new EA Forum, and we wanted to let users know about the next steps. Please see our prior post about updating the Forum for more background. Our vision is that the Forum becomes the main hub for content and... Read More

Is it better to be a wild rat or a factory farmed cow? A systematic method for comparing animal welfare.

TLDR : We looked at a lot of different systems to compare welfare and ended up combining a few common ones into a weighted animal welfare index (or welfare points for short). We think this system captures a broad range of ethical considerations and should be applicable across a wide... Read More

500 Million, But Not A Single One More

(Originally published Dec 9 2014 on ) We will never know their names. The first victim could not have been recorded, for there was no written language to record it. They were someone’s daughter, or son, and someone’s friend, and they were loved by those around them. And they... Read More

Public Opinion about Existential Risk

Summary : An MTurk study of people in the United States (N=395) found median estimates of 1%, 5%, and 20% for the chance of human extinction in 50, 100, and 500 years, respectively. People were fairly confident in their answers and tended to think the government should prioritize preventing human... Read More

One for the World as a potential vehicle to expand the reach of Effective Altruism

Overview One for the World has been run entirely by volunteers since we started in 2014, but we have now made our first full time hire , with a generous grant from the Open Philanthropy Project and a private donor, on the recommendation of GiveWell. We have made significant progress... Read More

EA community building grant: Lessons learned from working part-time on EA Denmark

Summary We were two people who got a short-term EA community building grant from CEA to work on EA Denmark part-time (Sebastian Schmidt and Philip Porter). In the following, I (Sebastian) will share the lessons we learned which I hope will be of value to other local group leaders and... Read More

Survey of EA org leaders about what skills and experience they most need, their staff/donations trade-offs, problem prioritisation, and more.

For the third year running we've surveyed leadership at EA organisations about a range of issues where their views might be relevant to EAs’ career decisions: What are the most pressing talent gaps in professional effective altruism in 2018? And which problems are most effective to work on? New survey... Read More

Students for High-Impact Charity: 2018 Update

By Baxter Bullock, Catherine Low, David Moss and Tee Barnett Contents Summary Our Current Strategy Summary and Interpretation of Workshop Data Outreach Data Quantitative Survey Data Qualitative Results Conclusion Plans for Autumn 2018 and Beyond The following post details SHIC’s 2018 strategic shift, evidence gathered, and future plans. You can... Read More

Harvard EA's 2018–19 Vision

A Vision for Harvard EA, 2018–19 Cullen O’Keefe, President Google Doc Version  (easier-to-read with footnotes) Preface This document will hopefully provide a short, comprehensible, and concrete model for how I would like to run the Harvard University Effective Altruism Student Group (“HUEASG”)  this year.[1] I’m sharing it here so that... Read More

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