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Enlightened Concerns of Tomorrow

I've written the below as a response to Steven Pinker's new book "Enlightenment Now" and specifically a dedicated chapter he wrote on existential threats.   Enlightenment Now Steven Pinker’s works span the fields of cognitive psychology, linguistics and human nature. His book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence... Read More

Opportunities for individual donors in AI safety

Tl;dr Over the past few years, the availability of funding for AI safety projects has increased significantly. Yet opportunities for individual donors to find high impact grant opportunities remain. In this post I review the recent history of AI safety organizations, speculate on the ways in which funding early AI... Read More

Cognitive and emotional barriers to EA's growth

This morning I gave a colloquium to my Psychology Department here at University of New Mexico. Most of the 30+ audience members had never heard of EA, although a few had a vague idea about it. I analyzed 10 cognitive and emotional barriers that people face in accepting EA approaches... Read More

Policy prioritization in a developed country

Hi guys, I would appreciate your opinions here. I’m working on an EA-aligned project and would like to brainstorm how to fine-tune my approach to it. I think there is a lot of exploration value hidden in this project.  It falls into the category of prioritization research and improving institutional decision-making. The project is... Read More

A short review of the Effect Foundation in 2017

The Effect Foundation (Stiftelsen Effekt in Norwegian) is an EA non-profit dedicated to promote and fundraise in Norway to GiveWell recommended charities. It started operations in mid-2016 and have raised about $ 360 000 (NOK 2 800 000) to date. The author of this post was one of the main... Read More

Save the dates for EA Global: San Francisco & London

There will be two Effective Altruism Global conferences this year: - June 8-10: Bespoke , 845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA , USA - End of October: London, UK The goals of both these events are to increase attendees’ knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to do the most... Read More

A definition of effective altruism

In “ Effective Altruism: Introduction ” (Essays in Philosophy: Vol. 18: Iss. 1, Article 1, doi:10.7710/1526-0569.1580), William MacAskill proposes a definition of effective altruism. I think having a definition is useful. It could allow effective altruists (and their critics) to have better, clearer conversations, and to avoid misconceptions. In MacAskill's quote below,... Read More

[Paper] Surviving global risks through the preservation of humanity's data on the Moon

My, with David Denkenberger, article about surviving global risks through the preservation of the data on the Moon has been accepted in Acta Astronautica. Such data preservation is similar to the digital immortality with the hope that next civilization on Earth will return humans to life. I also call this... Read More

Where I am donating this year and meta projects that need funding

  In this post I cover: How to be the best donor I can be. Some high-level thinking on where to give to have the biggest impact as a medium size donor who is clued up on EA ideas and interested in meta charities. Where I am giving and why.... Read More

2017 LEAN Impact Assessment: Evaluation & Strategic Conclusions

  This is the third post in the LEAN Impact Assessment series.   Quantitative Findings Qualitative Findings Evaluation & Strategic Conclusions Methodology   In the previous Quantitative and Qualitative reports we aimed to describe our findings with minimal commentary in order to allow the data to ‘speak for itself’ and... Read More

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