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Effective Altruism Foundation update: Plans for 2018 and room for more funding

This post provides an overview of the Effective Altruism Foundation’s plans for the coming year. A version of this update was also published on our blog . The Effective Altruism Foundation is a Berlin-based EA meta-charity that fundraises for EA charities, builds the German-speaking EA community, and does research on... Read More

Announcing the 2017 donor lottery

We’re excited to announce that is hosting the 2017 effective altruism donor lottery! You can enter the lottery, and read more about the rationale and methodology on A donation lottery is a different way to donate. Rather than making a donation to a charitable organization directly, you can... Read More

We Could Move $80 Million to Effective Charities, Pineapples Included

Want up to $80 million to go to effective charity? An anonymous crypto-millionaire is donating that much in Bitcoin. They are taking suggestions  HERE on Reddit, and they are taking applications from nonprofits at ( application here ). You can also private message them on Reddit or email them... Read More

New releases: Global Priorities Institute research agenda and posts we’re hiring for

The Global Priorities Institute has released a new research agenda , and is now hiring researchers  and a maternity cover  to run its operations. Please consider applying, or sending this to others you know who might be interested in applying!   What is the Global Priorities Institute? The Global Priorities... Read More

Sentience Institute 2017 Accomplishments, 2018 Plans, and Room for Funding

[Cross-posted from Sentience Institute's blog .] Since we founded Sentience Institute (SI) earlier in 2017, we’ve had our noses to the grindstone working to produce high-quality strategic research that informs advocates. In this post, we’ll summarize what we’ve learned so far and discuss what we’ll do next year if we... Read More

MIRI 2017 Fundraiser and Strategy Update

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) is running its annual fundraiser through the end of December. MIRI is a research nonprofit based in Berkeley, California with a mission of ensuring that smarter-than-human AI technology has a positive impact on the world. For an introduction to our work, see Nate Soares’... Read More

[weird, informal] What would change in EA under the assumption of quantum immortality? Tl;dr: Assuming that the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is accurate and that practically every life-threatening situation has some chance of being survived no matter how remote, SUBJECTIVE experience will continue indefinitely for all people even as a vast, vast majority of external observers will see them die. This... Read More

We're hiring! Founders Pledge is seeking a new researcher

  In brief: We're hiring a researcher with quantitative skills. Initial salary is £30k, but negotiable upwards for exceptional candidates. You will mainly work on longer reports and shorter briefs on effective donation opportunities for our pledgers.    *** Founders Pledge is a global community of founders and investors who... Read More

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