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Lessons from a full-time community builder. Part 1 of 4. Impact assessment

NOTE: For the past year Sam Hilton has been funded by the EA community in London to grow, run and support the community. This is part 1 of a 4 part write up, broken down as follows: Part 1.   Impact assessment Part 2.   General lessons on how to... Read More

Getting Nuclear Policy Right Is Hard

Earlier this month I made a fairly long post on nuclear policy  with many considerations for how different technologies might upset or improve nuclear deterrence, and why epistemic humility is extremely valuable as some EAs begin to focus more on policy. To centralize discussion of this, I think it is best... Read More

Nothing Wrong With AI Weapons

With all the recent worries over AI risks, a lot of people have raised fears about lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs) which take the place of soldiers on the battlefield. Specifically, in the news recently: Elon Musk and over 100 experts requested that the UN implement a ban. However, we... Read More

Setting our salary based on the world’s average GDP per capita

A lot of people in the EA movement have a large say over their salary, whether it be earning to give where you can donate down to a certain amount or working for a nonprofit where you take a lower salary. EAs are a unique group in that many of... Read More

What do DALYs capture?

INTRODUCTION There are many different causes that require our attention, but because our resources are limited, we need to decide which ones should go first. Within health, we use Health-Adjusted Life Years (HALYs) to help us decide which interventions to prioritize. Health is not the only determinant of wellbeing we... Read More

S-risk FAQ

The idea that the future might contain astronomical amounts of suffering, and that we should work to prevent  such worst-case outcomes , has lately attracted some attention . I've written this FAQ to help clarify the concept and to clear up potential misconceptions. [Crossposted from my website on s-risks .] General... Read More

EA Survey 2017 Series: Community Demographics & Beliefs

  By: Katie Gertsch   The annual EA Survey is a volunteer-led project of Rethink Charity that has become a benchmark for better understanding the EA community. This post is the second in a multi-part series intended to provide the survey results in a more digestible and engaging format. Important... Read More

Capitalism and Selfishness

[From my blog ]. As effective altruists make increasing forays into politics, I thought it would be good to share what I have found to be one of the most useful conceptual distinctions in recent political philosophy. Many people think if you’re in favour of capitalism you have to be... Read More

Is EA Growing? Some EA Growth Metrics for 2017

This post was co-authored by Peter Hurford and Joey Savoie.   The EA Survey team at Rethink Charity (including myself) recently released initial data from the 2017 EA Survey  and will have more to follow it up. KBog made a comment on the EA Forum  noticing that the 2015 EA... Read More

The Effective Altruism Equality and Justice Project

Background Effective Altruism (EA) has successfully grown to become a global community of people who have made helping others a fundamental part of their lives. Its core idea — using evidence and analysis to take actions that help others as much as possible — appeals to a range of people... Read More

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