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Comment author: cafelow  (EA Profile) 30 July 2016 10:15:46AM 1 point [-]

I've had a really exciting EA month too.

I finished running through the pilot of the Students For High-Impact Charity program with a group of students in my school. Some students found some aspects of the program confronting, but they all found it interesting, and raised a bunch of money for CoolEarth (the charity they chose for the main fundraiser), and ran an "Animal Friendly Lunch" - with vegan sausages and bake sale, to spread awareness and raise money for Animal Equality International.

I also helped out planning and running the EAGxAustralia conference, which was really well received (and I had a fantastic time). So I am feeling really positive about being a useful part of the EA movement right now.

Comment author: Gleb_T  (EA Profile) 30 July 2016 03:09:32PM 0 points [-]

Great to hear about everything you did!

I'm curious, what parts of the SHIC program did students found confronting? How did you handle it?

Comment author: cafelow  (EA Profile) 31 July 2016 09:30:38AM 0 points [-]

One part was when talking about whether or not we have a moral obligation to help people when we can - and how far we have to go to "be a good person" in the utilitarian framework - some students were understandably exasperated by the demandingness of that framework.

Another part was when looking at the harms the student are causing through greenhouse gas emissions and animal consumption. I did a lot of "this is what <insert name of philosopher, often Peter Singer> thinks might be correct", rather than saying it was my belief - although they asked me about my beliefs and actions, which I answered honestly, so I think I failed to appear non-judgemental because of that. We try to finish the discussion of each problem, with a potential solution they could contribute to, in order to make these discussions more constructive, which helped a bit.

Comment author: Gleb_T  (EA Profile) 01 August 2016 08:32:06PM 0 points [-]

Nice, thanks for sharing this! Good to know what the stumbling blocks are for folks :-)