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Comment author: Robert_Wiblin 20 February 2016 04:40:11AM *  2 points [-]

"Why should the person overseeing the survey think AI risk is an important cause?"

Because someone who believes it's a real risk has strong personal incentives to try to make the survey informative and report the results correctly (i.e. they don't want to die). Someone who believed it's a dumb cause would be tempted to discredit the cause by making MIRI look bad (or at least wouldn't be as trusted by prospective MIRI donors).

Comment author: Marcus_A_Davis 20 February 2016 04:50:26AM 0 points [-]

Such personal incentives are important but, again, I didn't advocate getting someone hostile to AI risk. I proposed aiming for someone neutral. I know, no one is "truly" neutral but you have to weigh potential positive personal incentives of someone invested against potential motivated thinking (or more accurately in this case, "motivated selection").

Comment author: Robert_Wiblin 20 February 2016 08:33:57AM 1 point [-]

Someone who was just neutral on the cause area would probably be fine, but I think there are few of those as it's a divisive issue, and they probably wouldn't be that motivated to do the work.