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Comment author: Alexander 05 February 2016 10:16:04PM 1 point [-]

Okay. Do you see any proxies (besides other people's views) that, if they changed in our lifetime, might shift your estimates one way or the other?

Comment author: MichaelDickens  (EA Profile) 05 February 2016 11:09:37PM 3 points [-]

Off the top of my head:

  • We develop strong AI.
  • There are strong signals that we would/wouldn't be able to encode good values in an AI.
  • Powerful people's values shift more toward/away from caring about non-human animals (including wild animals) or sentient simulations of non-human minds.
  • I hear a good argument that I hadn't already heard or thought of. (I consider this pretty likely, given how little total thought has gone into these questions.)