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Comment author: Owen_Cotton-Barratt 05 February 2016 10:50:17AM 2 points [-]

When I get multiple downvotes I like to use this to learn not to do things which people find unhelpful. Often I can go back and re-read my comment and work out what people didn't like. Here I'm not so sure -- something about tone? The fact that I gave my own framing of the issue more than building on the framing in the OP? Mixing two unrelated points (history of discussion and my views now) in one comment?

I'd appreciate pointers from anyone who downvoted, or who didn't but felt a temptation to. I don't want to discuss whether my post 'deserved' downvotes, I just want to understand what about it would drive them.

Comment author: mhpage 05 February 2016 05:48:46PM 2 points [-]

The downvoting throughout this thread looks funny. Absent comments, I'd view it as a weak signal.