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Comment author: Ben_Todd 06 October 2015 07:10:01AM *  2 points [-]

Hi Michael,

In the original document you say next to 80k "unclear whether it has a positive effect". So I was starting there.

REG and ACE are relevant because they're examples of the value of the plan changes we cause. If you think 80k is changing plans such that more high impact organisations are created, then it's likely 80k is also effective. (Though may of course still not be worth funding due to a lack of RFMF, but that's not what you said initially).

The closest we've got recently to publicly arguing the case for 80k is here: https://80000hours.org/2015/08/plans-for-the-coming-year-may-2015/

Of course there's a lot more to talk about. I'm always happy to answer more questions or share details about how marginal funds would be used via email.